April 04, 2008
Short North Goes Green. Jeffrey Place Celebrates.


The Short North is going green for April's Gallery Hop this weekend. And Jeffrey Place couldn't be more excited! As supporters of the eco friendly lifestyle, Jeffrey Place is celebrating our neighbors green themes.

We have teamed up with Huntington Bank and Roll Bicycle to provide another fun, and entertaining event for you this weekend. Learn about how accessible our neighborhood is, even without a car! Wondering where you can get to in just a 10 minute bike ride? In this neighborhood- anywhere you want to be!

Join us for refreshments and wine as you gear up, or wind down your Gallery Hop adventure. Learn more about being green, the Short North and Jeffrey Place!

What: Gallery Hop and Jeffrey Place's Green Celebration
Where: Huntington Storefront 662 N. High St.
When: April 5th, 2008 6:00-9:00pm
Who: Everybody!! Bring your family, friends, neighbors, people you hardly talk to, that coworker you've always wanted to hang out with. Whoever you are, you're bound to love Gallery Hop!

March 03, 2008
Allow Me To Introduce... George Acock


The team behind Jeffrey Place, the city's only holistically sustainable development in historic Italian Village, is committed to the power of business as a force for change. Defined by what we've learned, and how we work and play, we're looking to do more than just build more condos. We're seeking to redefine what it means to build a community.

We would like to introduce our team to you one person at a time. To know and understand what we have undertaken with the Jeffrey Place development it is vital that you meet the people who have given their hearts, minds, and time over to the project with the belief that we are truly helping to transform the city and create a new standard of living for our urban residents. Our past introductions have included sales team member, Julie Wood, and CEO Joe Recchie.

This month, architect George Acock, will be introduced. George has designed dozens of Columbus landmarks and he has designed every building on the Jeffrey Place site. While George's accolades and masterpieces are hardly limited to the Columbus area, his work has without doubt helped create the Columbus we know and love today. From public projects, such as the $105 million Ohio State University's Thompson Library renovation to commercial projects, such as the award winning Arena District designs and the newest addition to the Abercrombie headquarters, George Acock has become a Columbus icon.

Click below to read more about the innovative architect, George Acock.

George has been with Jeffrey Place from the beginning. As a participant, observer, presenter and consultant, George attended dozens of public charetts, tons of meetings with the Italian Village Commission, and meeting after meeting with buyers designing their dream homes at Jeffrey Place. He has seen the enormous changes the development has made in Italian Village and his commitment to that continuing transformation, sustainable development and beautiful architecture, make Jeffrey Place incredibly unique.

Acock and Associates Architects was founded in 1967 and over the past three decades George Acock has had a hand in building up the city of Columbus. Drawing inspiration from all over the world, George has designed Jeffrey Place akin to the most successful and popular urban centers in the world. His particular aptitude for designing these urban centers makes everyone invested in Jeffrey Place so grateful to have George Acock's talented vision as the heart of the development. Understanding urban scale and an ability to marry elegant forms with practical function are the qualities behind every one of George Acock's Jeffrey Place designs.

As an artist, George has a finely tuned sense of color, proportion and design. We are grateful that he is involved in every aspect of the home designs at Jeffrey Place, master planning everything from each window's view to the the tint and angle of the bricks in the homes. Taking into account the grade of the land, the curve of the street and the surrounding neighbors, every view at Jeffrey Place is guaranteed to be beautiful. In the high density neighborhood, your window won't look onto an obtrusive concrete wall, or a mundane stairwell. At Jeffrey Place George's designs are works of art themselves.

George begins each design process with an individual water color. He has created a beautiful water color renderings of every structure planned for Jeffrey Place. We encourage you to come to our gallery and model located in the Courtyard Townhome model on North Fourth Street and tour George Acock's work for Jeffrey Place.

Interested in what else George Acock has done? Check out his website at www.acock.com for a full photo gallery.

You deserve a home designed by a thoughtful, innovative American icon. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

March 02, 2008
The Loft Culture. From Seattle to Columbus

Jeffrey Place Loft buyer, Brady Konya, talks about why he chose to call Jeffrey Place home.       


Brady Konya moved to Columbus from Seattle this summer. He was feeling a bit disheartened about leaving his ultra-modern Seattle loft behind- until he found the Loft building at Jeffrey Place. The Lofts felt like home and as Konya prepares to move in next month he's  still raving about why.

"We fell in love immediately with the sensibility of the modern design," Konya said.

Read more about future resident Brady Konya and the "loft culture" below.

Konya purchased his Seattle loft, located in the 12th Avenue District, in 2000 before the urban neighborhood was completely transformed from blight to bright, vibrant downtown district. He was a pioneer in the neighborhood and the loft he bought was one of the first development projects in the area.

"Seattle didn't have models for this at the time," he said. "It was a mixed-use project that got a lot of attention because at the time it was still a very transitional neighborhood."

Much like Jeffrey Place, the development was a purist vision of how to bring back an urban neighborhood. Small local businesses, a lack of big chains, and commercial spaces that complimented the residential essence were brought together to create a vibrant urban community.

"Like my neighborhood in Seattle, Jeffrey Place is introducing a new edge to what has been, in some sense, a transitional neighborhood," Konya said. "It's exciting to see Jeffrey Place come up in Italian Village and become a conduit between the Short North and something that's a little more progressive, a little more urban."

Konya shopped other urban condos in Columbus before deciding on the Lofts at Jeffrey Place. Other products in the Columbus market were intriguing, he said, but the uniqueness of the Loft's industrial design and the neighborhood planning at Jeffrey Place really resonated with him.

"Columbus is going through an urban renewal," said Konya. "We shopped a lot when we first came here, but the Loft building has all the fundamentals for a great investment, and the fundamentals for a great community."

Konya is also very aware of what the Lofts at Jeffrey Place will mean to what he's dubbed the "loft culture."

"Loft people are fanatics about it, absolute fanatics." Konya explained. "To walk in and fall in love with the view and be able to micro customize from a very early stage was a huge factor in our decision to buy at Jeffrey Place."

Konya is excited to see a project in Columbus that is so similar to the successful experiment of eight years ago in his home city of Seattle. And the Jeffrey Place community is happy to welcome Konya home.

Modular Building is good for the planet and your pocketbook


The North Block's urban lofts and townhomes bring high-design to earth friendly modular building.

You love the sleek modern design, you strive to live an environmentally conscious life, you're on a budget. It would be quite the hat trick to find all of these needs satisfied in one downtown condo.

Where does an eco-conscious, aesthetically sensitive, first time homebuyer go to find an affordable downtown condo? Why, Jeffrey Place's North Block, of course.

Pre-fabricated, modular housing has been reborn. No longer does the word "pre-fab" conjure up images of trailers and small bungalows- instead, in the minds of North America's architects, designers, builders and upscale homeowners, "pre-fab" means "luxury." It's an idea that is catching fire. And with the eco-friendly and stylish North Block condos, Jeffrey Place is fanning the flame.

Read on to see more about the fascinating trend of modular!

Why build Modular?

Many modular homes boast a fresh, modern design, and people find them to be an innovative alternative to traditional homebuilding. Modular construction is also inherently green- less than two percent waste is produced with modular building. That is in stark contrast to the 30 percent waste that accumulates with the average conventional build. The North Block at Jeffrey Place is satisfying this green living need in Columbus.

Architects and designers are constructing modern manufactured housing that screams luxury. According to various architects, many are predicting that modular homes will be the most sought after design concept for second home ownership in the years to come. The modular trend satisfies the baby boomer's who are interested in second homes, or city homes but also the first time home buyer who is looking for a quality build at a price that fits in their budget. Homes like the North Block provide the perfect alternative to throwing away money on rent!

"People are drawn to the movement for many reasons: environmental, aesthetic, and logistic," said Joseph Recchie, developer of Jeffrey Place and a leader in green build. Recchie is excited to be a part of this upsurge, "Our North Block lofts and townhomes are a critical part of this green living movement in the Midwest, from both a functional and design perspective."

Designed by visionary architect George Acock, of Acock Associates Architects, the NB1 lofts and townhomes are a perfect example of the marriage between design and function.

The modern design is pleasing to the senses and the sensibility of the project's green living components make it an easy choice for forward-thinking homebuyers.

Is the phrase, "affordable, stylish house" an oxymoron? Certainly not. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

March 01, 2008
What To Do In Our Neighborhood: March

March Event Spotlights:

Build Wealth with Real Estate

Happy hour event and presentation by Joseph Recchie, CEO of real estate development firm Community Building Partners. Thursday March 27, 2008 at Spice Bar in the Arena District

You don't have to be Donald Trump to build a nice little nest egg by buying real estate. Shelter is one of the three basic needs, so why line the pockets of a landlord when your shelter could be earning you extra income? Joseph Recchie, CEO of Community Building Partners will explain how owning a home is like having the income of a second job- without all the work!


Stop by Spice Bar Thursday, March 28th to get all of the details. Joseph Recchie will give an informative presentation on the ins and outs of making real estate work for you, today! Whether you're in Columbus, Chicago, Houston, or beyond, learn the tools of the trade and get a head start on home buying and wealth building.

Happy Hour specials, free food, and lots of mingling will follow the presentation. Don't miss this first installation in Jeffrey Place's Last Thursday's happy hour event series!

Last Thursday's Happy Hour: Give Yourself a Raise- March 28th, 2008
Spice Bar; 491 N. Park St; 614-297-7448; www.jeffreyplace.com

St. Patrick's Day Spotlight

Irish Family Reunion
The whole city turns green for a day. The St. Patrick's Day parade will start in the arena district and end, in true Irish style, with a party! Get your Irish gear and your Irish beer and join in this open family reunion. Don't miss the crooning bagpipes, the rocking Hooligans or the entertaining Irish dancers!Whether you're shouting “Kiss my I’m Irish”, or “I’m not Irish but you can Kiss me anyways," you're invited. Throw on some Green and add an “O” to the beginning of your name. And for the day, experience the luck of the Irish.

Irish Family Reunion
March 17, 2008
Veterans Memorial; 300 W. Broad St; 221-4341;

Our neighborhood offers a little something for everyone. Take a look at some of the best it has to offer and start planning your month now! Whether you're looking for an art show, a magic show, an auto show, or an Irish show - you can find it in Columbus!

Taking Shelter- Now until April 5, 2008
Columbus College of Art & Design; 107 N. Ninth St; 614-224-9101;
This fantastic exhibit portrays photos, sculptures, social interventions and other forms of media covering the vast topic of shelter, homes and homelessness. Participate in this artistic discussion of an important issue by acclaimed artists such as Anthony Hernandez, McCallum & Tarry, Jackie Sumell, Jonathan Calm and more.

Currents:Jason Salavon- Now until May 4th, 2008
Columbus Museum of Art; 480 E. Broad st.; 614-221-4848;
www.columbusmuseum.orgHailing from the windy city, Jason Salavon uses video and photographs to bring together art, technology and daily life. Using software he creates masses of communal material for presentation,. His work references mainstream media, annual sales reports and even census data.  Forging ahead a the forefront of a new genre, Salavon's work is the art of the 21st century. Don’t miss your opportunity for a preview of what’s next in art!

Columbus International Auto Show - March 8-16, 2008
Greater Columbus Convention Center; 400 N. High St.; www.columbusconventions.com

Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, oh my! Where can you see all the finest in international cars all under one roof? The International Auto Show, of course! Do you collect Aston Martins like ties? Or perhaps you visit the Benz dealership the way art lovers visit the Louvre? Whether you are in the market for a new chariot, or just in love with cars, the International Auto Show will not disappoint. With comedian shows, appearances by Jim Tressel, Clint Bowyer the Cat in the Hat, and Columbus Zoo residents this event will excite and please the entire family. For a full event line up, or preview of the cars on exhibit, check out the website. But for the real deal, stop on by to see your dream car, up close and personal!

David Copperfield- March 26, 2008
Palace Theatre; 34 W. Broad St; 614-431-3600;
Hailed as one of the greatest entertainers of the 21st century, David Copperfield continues to astound audiences all over the world in his latest national tour. Join Copperfield at the Palace Theatre as he captivates, astounds and entertains the young and old alike!

The Magician’s Nephew: performed by Columbus Children’s Theatre- March 13-20, 2008
Park Street Theatre; 512 N. Park St.; 614-224-6672;
Based on C.S. Lewis’ classic of the same name, this play contains all of the drama and fantasy for which the author of The Chronicle’s of Narnia is most famous. Join the Columbus Children’s Theatre as they weave the tale of the young Digory and his friend Polly as they traverse mythical kingdoms and enchanted lands.

Aladdin- performed by BalletMet March 7-16, 2008        Genie

Capitol Theatre, Riffe Center; 77 S. High St.; 614-229-4848;
Lose yourself in the magical world of genies, princesses, sultans and evil sorcerers. Root for the young Aladdin as he faces down the evils of this world and beyond. Whether you’re familiar with the book or the popular Disney movie, don’t miss the opportunity to see this old favorite in a new light. Brought to the stage by the same artistic directors that did Alice in Wonderland in 2006, Gerard Charles and Steven Anderson, have out done themselves. This world premier of Aladdin is sure to wow you and your family.

STOMP - March 25-30, 2008                       Trash_can
CAPA; Ohio Theatre; 39 E. State St; 614-469-0939;
You’ll never look at your kitchen broom in the same light. Watch as this international percussion sensation takes ordinary objects and turn them into fantastic musical instruments. Imagine an entire percussion ensemble created with only zippo lighters! This experience is sure to captivate, and leave you begging for more! Don’t miss this explosive one-of-a-kind performance!

Second City Touring Company: One Nation Under Blog- March 21, 2008
CAPA; Southern Theatre; 21 E. Main St.; 614-469-0939;
Serving as the farm team for Saturday Night Live, Second City is the birthplace of some of the most famous comics of our time. From John Belushi and Dan Akroyd, to Mike Meyers and Chris Farley, to Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert, Second City breeds funny. Don’t miss today’s cast of tomorrow’s hits, in this hilarious revue addressing current events, relationships, politics and family life. It’s in Columbus for one night only, and you’ll be able to say “I knew them when..” !

Paying Attention- Until March 29, 2008
Ohio Art League; 954 N. High St.; 614-299-8225;
Kathleen Pepicello uses the spiral as the basis for the in depth examination of genocide in Africa. Pepicello utilizes a variety of different surfaces, materials and techniques to question the world’s inability to conquer this raging illness in our society.

Adi Nes: Biblical Stories- Now until April 13, 2008
Wexner Center for the Arts; 1871 N. High St; 614-292-3535;
Adi Nes is one of Israel’s most famous photographers. His provocative staged portraits and tableaux have made him a critically acclaimed artist. This exhibition includes 11 images from his most recent body of work. Drawing on the abandonment of the characters in the Old Testament, he places these familiar figures into scenes of contemporary homelessness. His work speaks to a Jewish history of displacement as well as the universal feelings of abandonment, loss and the inherent right to have a home.

C-Note Art Show- March 7-8, 2008                         100_bill
JunctionView Studios, Grandview; www.cnoteartshow.com

Organizer Ashely Voss set one guideline for this innovative art show: every item must be priced at $100. More than 170 artists are participating, and including their work in this fun event. Painters, mixed media artists, photographers, and more are showing and selling their work, for the set price of a c-note. Come find the perfect piece of art for your home this weekend. Support the next Picasso without losing your shirt in this one-of-a-kind event.

St. Baldrick’s Cancer Research Fundraiser- March 14, 2008      Bald_2                         Lodge Bar; 165 W. Vine St.; 614-221-2824                                        
Need to trim some inches off your hair? Thinking of getting ready for spring with a new head shave? Or maybe you just want to show your support for the brave cancer patients of Columbus? No matter the reason, St. Baldrick’s  Cancer Research wants your locks of hair. The Lodge Bar is hosting this event to help raise money for cancer research. Participants can have their locks shaved for cancer patients, and receive a free gift bag for their generosity. Join in the silent auction as Ohio State items are sold off for charity. Food and drink specials will be available as well. So have some fun, and do some good at the same time!

Third Thursday- March
Short North; www.shortnorth.org
Do you count down the days until Gallery Hop every month! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the monthly Gallery Hop, the Short North businesses have agreed to extend their open hours on the third Thursday of every month, creating the "Third Thursday" series that is being kicked off this month. Take a break from your work week, or start getting ready for your weekend, with a nice dinner out, perhaps some drinks, and of course, a little shopping!

Gallery Hop- First Saturday of the Month- March 1st, 2008
Short North; www.shortnorth.org
Brave the cold, and join your fellow Columbus fans in the Short North for the March Gallery Hop. Duck into one of the fabulous pubs and bars on High St. for a quick drink to help keep you warm! Stay tuned for news of April's Gallery Hop. Starting in April, the Short North businesses will keep one running theme for each month. Keep watch for April's theme- but I'll give you a hint- it's so great, Jeffrey Place will be kicking off their parties once again!

February 26, 2008
"LEED-ND: A New Framework For Sustainable Development"

Anyone can throw in some energy saving appliances and call their home green. But don't be fooled by the green washing that's going on in the marketplace. The federal government created a program to help you tell the real green digs from the real green duds. This LEED program provide a benchmark for green building, a federal certification for the real deals. To read more about the LEED program and how it effects our sustainable community, Jeffrey Place, read LEED from a previous edition of the Jeffrey Journal.

While the original LEED program focused on individual homes, a new LEED-ND pilot program is program created for projects just like Jeffrey Place. The LEED-Neighborhood Development program doesn't just certify one home, it certifies a neighborhood. It recognizes the efforts of the innovative neighborhoods across the world, working hard to create sustainable homes, and promote sustainable lifestyles for its residents.

Jay Corbalis explains "LEED-ND goes beyond individual buildings to look at sustainable practices on a neighborhood level.

Projects are judged on clear and specific criteria in four categories: Smart Location and Linkage; Neighborhood Pattern and Design; Green Construction and Technology; and Innovation and Design Process."

Read more about the newest LEED-ND program in Corbalis' article in the Courier News in "LEED-ND: A New Framework For Sustainable Development."  See how the homes in the innovative North Block and Jeffrey Place are leaving their mark. Or, more appropriately, how they aren't.

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February 04, 2008
Mortgage Rates Too Good to Be True?

How to sort through the fine-print and know what you're really getting.

We've noticed a lot of unbelievable mortgage rates being advertised lately. Like anyone we were impressed with rates as low as 4.00% covering the pages of the Dispatch in full color. But, then we got our magnifying glass out and read the fine print on the ads. Clearly, the news of lower rates has lead some builders to create finance packages that offer super-low rates, but they are sure to cause you grief in the long run.

Many of these super-low, below-market rates are the result of tricky financing packages. Sure, you'll get a 4.00% rate on your mortgage for the first year, but then what? The new paint in your kitchen will barely have dried when your rate spikes, as much as three points, in the second year of your mortgage. It is exactly these types of lending products that have brought so many Americans to the brink of foreclosure.

Could you pay your mortgage if it jumped a thousand dollars or more a month?

If there is one thing we have all learned from the recent turmoil in the mortgage market, it's that we must look into the future before signing on the dotted line. Read the fine print. Are there hidden costs that render your great rate useless? How long is that rate locked in? Where will you be financially when it jumps?

At Jeffrey Place, we will honor these advertised financing plans. We will help you get an impossibly and temporary low rate with high PMI and interest rate jumps, because we want you to be happy. But we will strongly advise another route. We've created a product that doesn't need smokes and screens. And we did our homework to find the best financing options available. At Jeffrey Place, we want our residents to make money, and to save money.

Here are a few ways Jeffrey Place protects our buyers:

           - Jeffrey Place buyers will not pay inflated purchase prices- a popular way our competitor's have covered their initial costs.

           - Jeffrey Place buyers never pay closing costs. Never.

           - Jeffrey Place buyers are purchasing property in the highest appreciating neighborhood in Ohio. Value per square foot is crucial- we have the best in the city.

           - Jeffrey Place buyers can get 100% financing with amazing rates- rates that will last the term of their mortgage plan) and no private mortgage insurance.

          - Our lenders have programs specialized for teachers, physicians and more. - You can get the rates you deserve, even with student loans for med school!

          -Jeffrey Place buyers get amazing rates and often buy for less than renting in the same area.
But at Jeffrey Place we provide these benefits the honest way. With high quality product, and straight forward lending packages, rate buy down programs and loans that make sense today as well as five, seven or thirty years from now.

We know our buyers. You are smart, you do your research, and you aren't tricked by the fine print. There are great financing options available and now is an amazing time to buy your dream home. We encourage you to explore what other buyers have discovered- Jeffrey Place is the choice for the discerning consumer. 

First let the Jeffrey Place staff help you find the perfect home to fit your lifestyle. Then let us you help you find the perfect financing that fits your budget. No fine print.


February 03, 2008
Perfect Timing; the Housing Market Triple Thread and You

Sometimes real estate is even more than just location, location, location.

So, here we are. Mortgage rates are low and housing prices are either low or declining in most U.S. markets. On top of that, rents are going up. These three factors create a "housing market triple thread" and it is this very triple thread that is making now an ideal time to buy.

Investments are all about timing. Read more about the Housing Market Triple Thread to see why!

It all began with a slow market which pushed home prices down. Although prices were dropped, many consumers (potential buyers) adopted a wait and see attitude and opted to rent. The wait and see renters drove a pitch into the rental market and landlords took the opportunity to ratchet up rental rates. Then, at the end of January the Federal government made two aggressive interest rate cuts within eight days of each other.

The first cut was an unprecedented three-quarter point cut and was quickly followed by another half a point slash. This explains why mortgage application volume increased nationally by three percent during the week ending February 1, 2008, according to the group Mortgage Bankers Association's weekly applications survey.

It's a perfect storm for truly savvy buyers. The triple thread of low interest rates, low sale prices, and an inflated rental market make it a more than perfect time to buy.

Investments are all about timing. And the time to buy your dream home is now. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

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February 01, 2008
What To Do In Our Neighborhood: February

Spotlight Events for February

When the Levees Broke, A Requiem in Four Acts. Directed by Spike Lee: February 1-29th, 2008
Wexner Center for the Arts; 1871 N. High St.; Free
Tauted as the "most thorough account of the disaster in Katrina" Spike Lee looks at the aftermath in New Orleans of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. This Emmy award winning documentary portrays the grief, loss and inspiring hope our fellow Americans have suffered and endured. Lee portrays a piece of American history that everybody should know about.
For more information, movie times, etc. visit www.wexarts.org or call 614-292-3535

Fiery Foods Festival: February 16th, 2008
The North Market; Vine Street; Hot Food, Hot Music. Hot Fun!
From 8am- 4pm join the North Market for this hot and spicy fiesta! With cooking demonstrations, chili cook offs, live music and free give aways, this is the perfect way to stave off the February chills. Have a family? Bring them down to enjoy the live Caribbean music and free maracas, sombreros and chili-pepper shaped cookies! Single? Join Columbus Alive and the North Market for a spicy cooking class for singles from 2:00-4:00! Learn how to really heat up the kitchen this year!
For more information about this hot and spicy event visit www.northmarket.com.

100 Years of Jazz: From Ragtime to BeBop and Beyond. Performed by the Columbus Jazz Orchestra: February 13-17th, 2008
Southern Theatre; 21 E. Main St; $35- $48.00
Called a "tour de force" of a concert, this CJO program will take you on a trip from ragtime to the blues, through the swing age and right through BeBop. Ragtime legend Terry Waldo and the "young lion" Roy Hargrove, join the CJO as they capture the majesty, mood and legacy of this truly American music; Jazz.
Visit www.jazzartsgroup.org or call 614-294-5200 to get your tickets or to find out more about this musical journey through history!

Images of New York Art Exhibition- February 1st, 2008
Substance for Fashion Conscious People; 783 N. High St.
Looking for an insight into people and their natural urban environments? Join us at this art exhibit featuring the photography of Mark Bair, "Images of New York." While growing up in San Fransisco and the Sierra Nevada mountains, Bair gained a true appreciation for the beauty of the natural landscape. He has taken that appreciation and turned it into a truly inspiring exhibit showcasing the beauty of the man made landscape of New York City.
For more information about this fantastic exhibit visit www.shopsubstance.com

Spike Lee: 25th Hour- February 16, 2008
Wexner Center for the Arts; 1871 N. High St.; 7:00-9:00pm; Admission $5.00-$7.00
Watch one of Spike Lee's most celebrated films as Edward Norton portrays a convicted drug dealer spending his last day of freedom before serving a seven year sentence. The film was one of the first to acknowledge the aftermath of 9/11. Enjoy the film as it examines the complex relationship between New York city and its inhabitants.
For more information and to get your tickets today call 614-292-3535 or visit www.wexarts.org.

The Labyrinth of Desire- Ohio State University: February 14- March 1, 2008
Roy Bowen Theatre; 1849 Cannon Dr.; $10-$15
Come see the OSU thespians put on the high energy romantic comedy that examines desire, friendship and identity. Watch as this tale of intrigue and the mysteries of life unravel in the Labyrinth of Desire.
For show times and more information visit www.theatre.osu.edu or call 614-292-2295

Arnold Sports Festival: February 29- March 2nd, 2008
He promised. And he did not disappoint. Arnold is back. The world's largest multi-sport fitness weekend will feature thirty seven events including twelve Olympic sports! More than 17,000 athletes will participate as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Lorimer celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Arnold Classic. The Arnold Fitness EXPO boasts 650 booths providing everything the sports enthusiast could ever want. Don't miss on this event you won't get another opportunity for another year!

When the Levees Broke, A Requiem in Four Acts. Directed by Spike Lee: February 1-29th, 2008
Wexner Center for the Arts; 1871 N. High St.; Free
Tauted as the "most thorough account of the disaster in Katrina" Spike Lee looks at the aftermath in New Orleans of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. This Emmy award winning documentary portrays the grief, loss and inspiring hope our fellow Americans have suffered and endured. Lee portrays a piece of American history that everybody should know about.
For more information, movie times, etc. visit www.wexarts.org or call 614-292-3535

Lovestruck- Ravel to Sinatra performed by BalletMet: February 8-16th, 2008
Capitol Theatre, Riffe Center; $25-$44
This romantic program is just in time for Valentine's Day. With pieces choreographed by world renowned choreographer Twila Tharp like the "Sinatra Suite" and others created by Heinz Poll like the Bolero set to the inspiring music of Ravel, this show is a sure hit. BalletMet has even included selections from their own groundbreaking 30x30! Don't miss this fantastic program performed by this fabulous ballet company. Bring your significant other for a romantic date, or grab some friends for a night on the town. Either way you are guaranteed a fabulous experience.
To get your tickets, or for more information visit www.balletmet.org or call 614-229-4848

Edna Boies Hopkins: Now until March 2nd, 2008
Columbus Museum of Art; 480 E. Broad St.
This fantastic exhibit will only be on display for the rest of February. So don't miss this limited time event. The wife of Ohio artist James Roy Hopkins, Edna developed her own unique talent and had a stunning career with woodblock prints. Her brilliant career was cut short arthritis, but her legend lives on. Come see this exhibition showcasing fifty of Hopkins' best woodblock prints. These beautiful pieces range from floral compositions to figural works that depict scenes from Appalachia to Paris.
Visit www.columbusmueseum.org or call 614-221-6801 to start planning your visit!

Footloose the Musical performed by the Center Stage Players: February 22- March 2, 2008
Axis Nightclub and Theatre; 775 N. High St.; $12.50-$15.00
You watched Kevin Bacon shake it in the blockbuster hit movie. Now see the Center Stage Players perform the musical based on the hit movie. Join Ren as he faces the challenges a new town, new friends and new enemies. And take away some fantastic dance moves while you're at it!
Get your tickets today by visiting www.csp5.com or call 614-306-0447.

Murfaro's Beautiful Daughters performed by the Columbus Children's Theatre: February 14-24th, 2008
Park Street Theatre; 512 N. Park St; $9-$13.00
Bring your family to see the Columbus Children's Theatre weave the African tale of Mufaro and his two daughters. Let these fabulous storytellers take you on a journey as two polar opposites vie for the title of queen. A true battle of good vs. evil, this story will take you on a journey of adventure, betrayal, honor and the meaning of self worth.
For more information or to purchase your families tickets today call 614-224-6672 or visit www.colschildrenstheatre.org.

Harlem Gospel Choir- CAPA: February 21-22nd, 2008
Southern Theatre; 21 E. Main St; $25-$29.50
Spend an evening with definitive gospel choir in America. This collaboration of the very best Harlem choirs have to offer, will entertain you and inspire you with foot stomping and hand clapping beats. Join them for an evening of the blues, jazz and gospel. Plan on a truly unforgettable evening.
To start your plans, visit www.capa.com or call CAPA at 614-469-0939

Kiss and Tell a Vox Concert. performed by the Columbus Gay Men's Choir: February 15-16th, 2008
Columbus Performing Arts Center; 549 Franklin Ave; $20
Check out this groundbreaking musical collaboration between the Columbus Gay Men's Choir and the ProMuscia Orchestra. What's better than one fabulous musical group? Two, naturally!
Wondering how you can attend? Wonder no more. Visit www.cgmc.com or call 614-228-2462 today!

January 10, 2008
Constantly Evolving and Always Improving: Jeffrey Place Unveils Newest Design

Infinite is a pretty big goal. But Jeffrey Place is all about big goals. We strive to provide our residents with infinite possibilities. Don't settle for something that is almost what you want. At Jeffrey Place, we can help you find exactly what you want!

Jeffrey Place is excited to announce the newest design option at Jeffrey Place. While providing everything you need in the Jeffrey Place community, now we are sure to have exactly what you want in the green North Block 1 designs!

The newest townhome design at the North Block still includes the innovative geo thermal heating and cooling, solar panels, and eco-friendly construction that gives NB1 the title as the greenest homes in the region. The newest option of floor plans features lots of living space, two large bedrooms, and one and half baths. And right now you could have this gorgeous custom design for only $184,000!

Sure, I'll repeat that - only $184,000! That's less than $1000 a month!

This two level beauty offers the bamboo hardwood floors and floor to ceiling windows that made the original NB1 townhome design so popular. With spacious rooms and quality build, this home is perfect for your first home, your last home, or anything in between. Whether you work downtown or play in the Short North, here is another fantastic opportunity to live in the vibrant Italian Village, and keep your hard earned money at the same time!

Our new floor plan design starts at $184,000 and with fantastic rates and programs with Huntington, not to mention Jeffrey Place's 2 point buy down program, your monthly mortgage payment could be less than $1000! That's less than most rents in Italian Village. But now your money is going right back into your pocket, instead of your landlord's wallet. With stylish, eco-friendly designs and fantastic financing, Jeffrey Place offers you the best value in Columbus urban living.

Take advantage of this opportunity by contacting a Jeffrey Place sales associate, today! Don't miss out on this limited time opportunity. Make an investment in your lifestyle, in your earth and in your future. Make your new home at the NB1 at Jeffrey Place.  Come take a look at our new designs, call a sales associate at 614.297.7448 to make an appointment!

Stop compromising. Stop Renting. Stop wasting your green! Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved

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