April 04, 2008
Short North Goes Green. Jeffrey Place Celebrates.


The Short North is going green for April's Gallery Hop this weekend. And Jeffrey Place couldn't be more excited! As supporters of the eco friendly lifestyle, Jeffrey Place is celebrating our neighbors green themes.

We have teamed up with Huntington Bank and Roll Bicycle to provide another fun, and entertaining event for you this weekend. Learn about how accessible our neighborhood is, even without a car! Wondering where you can get to in just a 10 minute bike ride? In this neighborhood- anywhere you want to be!

Join us for refreshments and wine as you gear up, or wind down your Gallery Hop adventure. Learn more about being green, the Short North and Jeffrey Place!

What: Gallery Hop and Jeffrey Place's Green Celebration
Where: Huntington Storefront 662 N. High St.
When: April 5th, 2008 6:00-9:00pm
Who: Everybody!! Bring your family, friends, neighbors, people you hardly talk to, that coworker you've always wanted to hang out with. Whoever you are, you're bound to love Gallery Hop!

March 02, 2008
Modular Building is good for the planet and your pocketbook


The North Block's urban lofts and townhomes bring high-design to earth friendly modular building.

You love the sleek modern design, you strive to live an environmentally conscious life, you're on a budget. It would be quite the hat trick to find all of these needs satisfied in one downtown condo.

Where does an eco-conscious, aesthetically sensitive, first time homebuyer go to find an affordable downtown condo? Why, Jeffrey Place's North Block, of course.

Pre-fabricated, modular housing has been reborn. No longer does the word "pre-fab" conjure up images of trailers and small bungalows- instead, in the minds of North America's architects, designers, builders and upscale homeowners, "pre-fab" means "luxury." It's an idea that is catching fire. And with the eco-friendly and stylish North Block condos, Jeffrey Place is fanning the flame.

Read on to see more about the fascinating trend of modular!

Why build Modular?

Many modular homes boast a fresh, modern design, and people find them to be an innovative alternative to traditional homebuilding. Modular construction is also inherently green- less than two percent waste is produced with modular building. That is in stark contrast to the 30 percent waste that accumulates with the average conventional build. The North Block at Jeffrey Place is satisfying this green living need in Columbus.

Architects and designers are constructing modern manufactured housing that screams luxury. According to various architects, many are predicting that modular homes will be the most sought after design concept for second home ownership in the years to come. The modular trend satisfies the baby boomer's who are interested in second homes, or city homes but also the first time home buyer who is looking for a quality build at a price that fits in their budget. Homes like the North Block provide the perfect alternative to throwing away money on rent!

"People are drawn to the movement for many reasons: environmental, aesthetic, and logistic," said Joseph Recchie, developer of Jeffrey Place and a leader in green build. Recchie is excited to be a part of this upsurge, "Our North Block lofts and townhomes are a critical part of this green living movement in the Midwest, from both a functional and design perspective."

Designed by visionary architect George Acock, of Acock Associates Architects, the NB1 lofts and townhomes are a perfect example of the marriage between design and function.

The modern design is pleasing to the senses and the sensibility of the project's green living components make it an easy choice for forward-thinking homebuyers.

Is the phrase, "affordable, stylish house" an oxymoron? Certainly not. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

February 26, 2008
"LEED-ND: A New Framework For Sustainable Development"

Anyone can throw in some energy saving appliances and call their home green. But don't be fooled by the green washing that's going on in the marketplace. The federal government created a program to help you tell the real green digs from the real green duds. This LEED program provide a benchmark for green building, a federal certification for the real deals. To read more about the LEED program and how it effects our sustainable community, Jeffrey Place, read LEED from a previous edition of the Jeffrey Journal.

While the original LEED program focused on individual homes, a new LEED-ND pilot program is program created for projects just like Jeffrey Place. The LEED-Neighborhood Development program doesn't just certify one home, it certifies a neighborhood. It recognizes the efforts of the innovative neighborhoods across the world, working hard to create sustainable homes, and promote sustainable lifestyles for its residents.

Jay Corbalis explains "LEED-ND goes beyond individual buildings to look at sustainable practices on a neighborhood level.

Projects are judged on clear and specific criteria in four categories: Smart Location and Linkage; Neighborhood Pattern and Design; Green Construction and Technology; and Innovation and Design Process."

Read more about the newest LEED-ND program in Corbalis' article in the Courier News in "LEED-ND: A New Framework For Sustainable Development."  See how the homes in the innovative North Block and Jeffrey Place are leaving their mark. Or, more appropriately, how they aren't.

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February 04, 2008
Mortgage Rates Too Good to Be True?

How to sort through the fine-print and know what you're really getting.

We've noticed a lot of unbelievable mortgage rates being advertised lately. Like anyone we were impressed with rates as low as 4.00% covering the pages of the Dispatch in full color. But, then we got our magnifying glass out and read the fine print on the ads. Clearly, the news of lower rates has lead some builders to create finance packages that offer super-low rates, but they are sure to cause you grief in the long run.

Many of these super-low, below-market rates are the result of tricky financing packages. Sure, you'll get a 4.00% rate on your mortgage for the first year, but then what? The new paint in your kitchen will barely have dried when your rate spikes, as much as three points, in the second year of your mortgage. It is exactly these types of lending products that have brought so many Americans to the brink of foreclosure.

Could you pay your mortgage if it jumped a thousand dollars or more a month?

If there is one thing we have all learned from the recent turmoil in the mortgage market, it's that we must look into the future before signing on the dotted line. Read the fine print. Are there hidden costs that render your great rate useless? How long is that rate locked in? Where will you be financially when it jumps?

At Jeffrey Place, we will honor these advertised financing plans. We will help you get an impossibly and temporary low rate with high PMI and interest rate jumps, because we want you to be happy. But we will strongly advise another route. We've created a product that doesn't need smokes and screens. And we did our homework to find the best financing options available. At Jeffrey Place, we want our residents to make money, and to save money.

Here are a few ways Jeffrey Place protects our buyers:

           - Jeffrey Place buyers will not pay inflated purchase prices- a popular way our competitor's have covered their initial costs.

           - Jeffrey Place buyers never pay closing costs. Never.

           - Jeffrey Place buyers are purchasing property in the highest appreciating neighborhood in Ohio. Value per square foot is crucial- we have the best in the city.

           - Jeffrey Place buyers can get 100% financing with amazing rates- rates that will last the term of their mortgage plan) and no private mortgage insurance.

          - Our lenders have programs specialized for teachers, physicians and more. - You can get the rates you deserve, even with student loans for med school!

          -Jeffrey Place buyers get amazing rates and often buy for less than renting in the same area.
But at Jeffrey Place we provide these benefits the honest way. With high quality product, and straight forward lending packages, rate buy down programs and loans that make sense today as well as five, seven or thirty years from now.

We know our buyers. You are smart, you do your research, and you aren't tricked by the fine print. There are great financing options available and now is an amazing time to buy your dream home. We encourage you to explore what other buyers have discovered- Jeffrey Place is the choice for the discerning consumer. 

First let the Jeffrey Place staff help you find the perfect home to fit your lifestyle. Then let us you help you find the perfect financing that fits your budget. No fine print.


January 10, 2008
Constantly Evolving and Always Improving: Jeffrey Place Unveils Newest Design

Infinite is a pretty big goal. But Jeffrey Place is all about big goals. We strive to provide our residents with infinite possibilities. Don't settle for something that is almost what you want. At Jeffrey Place, we can help you find exactly what you want!

Jeffrey Place is excited to announce the newest design option at Jeffrey Place. While providing everything you need in the Jeffrey Place community, now we are sure to have exactly what you want in the green North Block 1 designs!

The newest townhome design at the North Block still includes the innovative geo thermal heating and cooling, solar panels, and eco-friendly construction that gives NB1 the title as the greenest homes in the region. The newest option of floor plans features lots of living space, two large bedrooms, and one and half baths. And right now you could have this gorgeous custom design for only $184,000!

Sure, I'll repeat that - only $184,000! That's less than $1000 a month!

This two level beauty offers the bamboo hardwood floors and floor to ceiling windows that made the original NB1 townhome design so popular. With spacious rooms and quality build, this home is perfect for your first home, your last home, or anything in between. Whether you work downtown or play in the Short North, here is another fantastic opportunity to live in the vibrant Italian Village, and keep your hard earned money at the same time!

Our new floor plan design starts at $184,000 and with fantastic rates and programs with Huntington, not to mention Jeffrey Place's 2 point buy down program, your monthly mortgage payment could be less than $1000! That's less than most rents in Italian Village. But now your money is going right back into your pocket, instead of your landlord's wallet. With stylish, eco-friendly designs and fantastic financing, Jeffrey Place offers you the best value in Columbus urban living.

Take advantage of this opportunity by contacting a Jeffrey Place sales associate, today! Don't miss out on this limited time opportunity. Make an investment in your lifestyle, in your earth and in your future. Make your new home at the NB1 at Jeffrey Place.  Come take a look at our new designs, call a sales associate at 614.297.7448 to make an appointment!

Stop compromising. Stop Renting. Stop wasting your green! Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved

January 04, 2008
The Halo Effect: Innovation and Good Design

The only way to stand out in a cluttered Columbus condo market is with superior design and innovative features.

Jeffrey Place has mastered the art of innovation by offering Columbus homebuyers the only condos in Columbus, Ohio with solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, and planted rooftops. We've married that commitment to innovation with visionary architect George Acock's inspiring design to create a halo effect. Jeffrey Place brightens the halo with unbeatable value and savvy buyers searching for the perfect condo in Columbus can't help but look.

Every market is cluttered with product these days. From endless aisles of laundry detergent, to more than a dozen car manufacturers, to the Columbus condo market, consumers are awash in a sea of choice. The only way for products to truly differentiate themselves is with thoughtful, consumer- minded design and innovative features. Combining these two essential components in one product creates a halo-effect that makes them stand out and draws consumers in.

Read on to see how Jeffrey Place incorporates design and innovation. Click below to read more about the halo effect.

Jeffrey Place's North Block lofts and townhomes are the only option for Columbus homebuyers interested in sustainable living. By offering the largest solar panel array and geothermal heating and cooling system in the Midwest, Jeffrey Place is a pioneer in the green building industry. It is this level of innovation that has allowed Jeffrey Place to stand out and remain a sound investment for homebuyers in Columbus's oversaturated condo market.

Far from an after thought, Jeffrey Place's commitment to designing beautiful buildings that uphold and add to one of the city's most historic neighborhoods is unyielding. From the sumptuous, eco-friendly bamboo floors of the North Block to the glass and steel marvel that is the Loft, attention to detail is evident throughout every inch of the development.

Innovation. Design. Value. Now you see it- the halo effect.

December 31, 2007
Core Development

Chicago and Columbus: more alike then you thought!?

"In recent years, a push has been made to redevelop the urban centers of cities that have been abandoned to suburban sprawl. At the forefront of this movement is the development of residential housing for these newcomers. Midwestern cities are taking a fresh look at their urban core, and figuring out ways to make these areas appeal to residents seeking a new urban experience. While the reasons for redeveloping and the demographics targeted may vary, the common goal is to bring vibrancy and life back to the heart of the city."

Both urban centers, Columbus and Chicago, along with several other Midwestern cities are working hard to redefine their cities as vibrant communities. Columbus, well on it's way to being the Midwestern hot spot, boasts several cool digs. But savvy Columbus residents know: when it comes to quality, design, and lifestyle- nothing beats Jeffrey Place! With the urban location, abundant green spaces, community centered lifestyle and fantastic design, Jeffrey Place is the epitome of sustainable urban living. And the innovative project is attracting the best and brightest of Columbus' professionals. Doing our part to help retain those bright and promising individuals, Jeffrey Place is featured in this recent cover story of Heartland Real Estate, a regional business publication.

Click here to read more about the Midwest movement towards urban revitalization, Columbus' part in that promising movement, and Jeffrey Place's prominent position at the forefront.

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November 24, 2007
Real vs. Fake: Which Tree is Greener

The turkey is gone, the stuffing has been devoured. Thanksgiving plates have been washed and out-of-town visitors have bid adieu. It's now time to turn to the next holiday. As the holiday music and decorations awaken from their long hibernation, everyone is preparing for the December holidays that mark the end of another year. As you start to break out the holiday decorations for this festive season, it's a good time to think about how to make those decorations green. Of course, I don't just mean green as in the Christmas-y color, but green as in environmentally conscious.

In Real vs. Fake: Which Tree is Greener Susan Fornoff of the San Fransisco Chronicle illustrates the ongoing debate about which decorations are truly better for our environment. Read some statistics, facts and arguments for both sides of this interesting and allusive debate. Click here to get some eco friendly ideas for your holiday decorations.

Real vs. fake: Which tree is greener?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

October 21, 2007
22 Little Ways to Go Green
October 20, 2007
What Does it Mean to Be Green?

Inside the Environmentally Friendly Building Boom

Chris DeVille and Brittany Kress describe some components of building green in the Columbus Alive's "Green Issue." Featured as a spotlight in this issue is Jeffrey Place, which is quickly becoming a prominent example of sustainable design and an environmentally friendly community in Columbus. 

Click here to read the full article about the environmentally friendly building boom in Columbus Alive.

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