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January 10, 2008
Constantly Evolving and Always Improving: Jeffrey Place Unveils Newest Design

Infinite is a pretty big goal. But Jeffrey Place is all about big goals. We strive to provide our residents with infinite possibilities. Don't settle for something that is almost what you want. At Jeffrey Place, we can help you find exactly what you want!

Jeffrey Place is excited to announce the newest design option at Jeffrey Place. While providing everything you need in the Jeffrey Place community, now we are sure to have exactly what you want in the green North Block 1 designs!

The newest townhome design at the North Block still includes the innovative geo thermal heating and cooling, solar panels, and eco-friendly construction that gives NB1 the title as the greenest homes in the region. The newest option of floor plans features lots of living space, two large bedrooms, and one and half baths. And right now you could have this gorgeous custom design for only $184,000!

Sure, I'll repeat that - only $184,000! That's less than $1000 a month!

This two level beauty offers the bamboo hardwood floors and floor to ceiling windows that made the original NB1 townhome design so popular. With spacious rooms and quality build, this home is perfect for your first home, your last home, or anything in between. Whether you work downtown or play in the Short North, here is another fantastic opportunity to live in the vibrant Italian Village, and keep your hard earned money at the same time!

Our new floor plan design starts at $184,000 and with fantastic rates and programs with Huntington, not to mention Jeffrey Place's 2 point buy down program, your monthly mortgage payment could be less than $1000! That's less than most rents in Italian Village. But now your money is going right back into your pocket, instead of your landlord's wallet. With stylish, eco-friendly designs and fantastic financing, Jeffrey Place offers you the best value in Columbus urban living.

Take advantage of this opportunity by contacting a Jeffrey Place sales associate, today! Don't miss out on this limited time opportunity. Make an investment in your lifestyle, in your earth and in your future. Make your new home at the NB1 at Jeffrey Place.  Come take a look at our new designs, call a sales associate at 614.297.7448 to make an appointment!

Stop compromising. Stop Renting. Stop wasting your green! Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved

January 04, 2008
The Halo Effect: Innovation and Good Design

The only way to stand out in a cluttered Columbus condo market is with superior design and innovative features.

Jeffrey Place has mastered the art of innovation by offering Columbus homebuyers the only condos in Columbus, Ohio with solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, and planted rooftops. We've married that commitment to innovation with visionary architect George Acock's inspiring design to create a halo effect. Jeffrey Place brightens the halo with unbeatable value and savvy buyers searching for the perfect condo in Columbus can't help but look.

Every market is cluttered with product these days. From endless aisles of laundry detergent, to more than a dozen car manufacturers, to the Columbus condo market, consumers are awash in a sea of choice. The only way for products to truly differentiate themselves is with thoughtful, consumer- minded design and innovative features. Combining these two essential components in one product creates a halo-effect that makes them stand out and draws consumers in.

Read on to see how Jeffrey Place incorporates design and innovation. Click below to read more about the halo effect.

Jeffrey Place's North Block lofts and townhomes are the only option for Columbus homebuyers interested in sustainable living. By offering the largest solar panel array and geothermal heating and cooling system in the Midwest, Jeffrey Place is a pioneer in the green building industry. It is this level of innovation that has allowed Jeffrey Place to stand out and remain a sound investment for homebuyers in Columbus's oversaturated condo market.

Far from an after thought, Jeffrey Place's commitment to designing beautiful buildings that uphold and add to one of the city's most historic neighborhoods is unyielding. From the sumptuous, eco-friendly bamboo floors of the North Block to the glass and steel marvel that is the Loft, attention to detail is evident throughout every inch of the development.

Innovation. Design. Value. Now you see it- the halo effect.

January 03, 2008
Allow Me to Introduce...

The balancing of beauty, function, and sustainability drives everything we do, from developing better, more environmentally friendly condos to raising the bar for functional elegant designs. The team at Jeffrey Place works within the confines of this philosophy.

The team behind Jeffrey Place, the city's only holistically sustainable development, is committed to the power of business as a force for change. Defined by what we've learned, and how we work and play, we're looking to do more than just build more condos. We're seeking to redefine what it means to build a community.

This is our philosophy. This is what moves us.

We would like to introduce our team to you one person at a time. To know and understand what we have undertaken with the Jeffrey Place development it is vital that you meet the people who have given their hearts, minds, and time over to the project with the belief that we are truly helping to transform the city and create a new standard of living for our urban residents.

This month, Joe Recchie, developer of Jeffrey Place, will be introduced. Jeffrey Place has changed Joe to the core and in turn Joe has put his mark on Jeffrey Place. One does not exist without the other and they are both better for it. Joe inspires us as a team and tirelessly upholds the principles of smart growth, empathy for the end user, and sustainable building while orchestrating the largest, most innovative residential and commercial development in Columbus, Ohio.

Click below and read this month's introduction to Jeffrey Place developer; Joe Recchie.

Joseph Recchie, CEO of National Community Builders, has developed thousands of housing units during his 30 years in the business. His most recent development project, Jeffrey Place, is a 41.5 acre, $400 million urban infill development in historic Italian Village.

The former brownfield site which was once home to the Jeffrey Manufacturing Company is now one of the largest mixed-use, urban redevelopment projects in Columbus history. The North Block condominiums at Jeffrey Place are the only project in Columbus chosen to participate in the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Neighborhood Rating System pilot program.

Recchie is building Jeffrey Place on the principles of smart growth, new urbanism, and environmental stewardship. All of these qualities contribute to Jeffrey Place's growing reputation as the largest environmentally- friendly development in Columbus.

Recchie built his reputation as a socially responsible developer by assisting community and faith-based organizations in leveraging extremely limited resources to develop quality housing. Part of his philosophy has also been to build community facilities for job training and economic development. In his experience with Jeffrey Place and other development projects, Recchie has also specialized in public-private partnerships in real estate development and tax and security matters relating to development.

The National Association of Homebuilders honored Recchie with the "Pillars of the Industry Award" for Best Affordable Multifamily Housing in 1995 for his participation in the Raspberry Glen Apartments. In 1997, he received the "Unity Chairmen's Award" of the Unity Partnership Economic Summit, and in 1999, he was named an "Empowerer" by the Dayspring Christian Community Development Corporation.

A longtime commitment to responsible community building has coupled with Recchie's dedication to environmental stewardship as the Jeffrey Place community continues to take shape.

Next month's newsletter will include more introductions to the Jeffrey Place team. Meanwhile, we invite you to contact us anytime with questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can continue our efforts to build a strong and inclusive community.

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January 01, 2008
What To Do In Our Neighborhood: January

The holidays are over, but for better or worse, that doesn't mean your schedule is any less busy! Run your errands in the Short North. With so many fabulous shops, you are sure to get everything you need! Grab breakfast at the Short North's newest addition, Tasi's. Don't forget to pick up thank you notes at On Paper for those Christmas gifts, or perhaps a bottle of wine from Europia for your next get together with friends! Need something to add to your calendar? Read on- because we've got the perfect activity for you, your family, friends, date, etc!

January Event Spotlight:

Chef Series Cooking Classes
January 9- ongoing throughout First Quarter of 2008; North Market
614-464-9664; www.northmarket.com

Have you ever had a truly scrumptious dinner while out, and wished you could cook that well? Have you ever wished you could cook like the master chef's in Columbus? Here's your chance! The North Market has created a fantastic workshop that will last over the next few months. Six of Columbus's premier chefs host a series of classes in the Dispatch Kitchen of the North Market. Learn from masters like John Dornback of Basi Italia, or Paul Yow of Barcelona. For a mere class fee of $50 you can become the top chef you've always wanted to be. Wow your friends and family with new recipes, techniques and mouth watering skills!

Interested in the stores and restaurants mentioned above? Stay tuned to the Jeffrey Journal and the Jeffrey Place website for full length spotlights on our neighbors! Our neighborhood is what makes Jeffrey Place so unique. And we are proud of our community! Keep reading for some of the fascinating events going on in Columbus!

Gallery Hop; the Short North
January 4th, 2008
It might be cold outside, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the January Gallery Hop in the Short North. Come see why everyone is raving about the area! Grab a scrumptious dinner at R.J. Snappers, and then shoot over to Mac's for a brew, or down the street to Rigsby's for a cocktail. Don't forget to grab some gourmet dessert at Jini's! After your meal, stroll down the street and check out the new items the fabulous boutiques are showcasing. Make sure you mark your calendar now for next month's gallery hop, and join the Jeffrey Place staff at the Huntington Bank for wine and refreshments!

The Wedding Singer; the Musical
January 8-13th, 2008; Palace Theater
614-431-3600; www.broadwayacrossamerica.com
Did you miss the original comedic film featuring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore? Or perhaps you didn't, and New Jersey rock star wannabe Robbie Hart won your heart with his not-quite star quality. Come see the Broadway hit inspired by this hilarious love story showcasing the very best music and fashion of the 80S!

Grande Winter Ball
January 26th, 2008; Ohio Statehouse
Free; 888-OHIO; www.ohiostatehouse.org
The art of ballroom dancing is not dead. In fact it's thriving in Columbus- and you are invited to dance! Civil War re-enactors; The Ohio State Battery are hosting this ballroom dancing gala at the Ohio Statehouse. Come dressed in the period, or just as you are and learn how to reel and waltz or just sit back and enjoy this unique scene. Stop envying Jane Austen movies, and come take a whirl around the ballroom yourself!

The BFG; the Phoenix Theater for Children
January 18-27th, 2008; Capitol Theater Riffe Center
$10-$20; 614-469-0939; thepheonixonline.org
Based on the Roald Dahl classic book about a big friendly giant, the BFG, tells the story of an orphan and a giant and the adventures they encounter after meeting. Hilarious, touching and riveting, this master story teller won't disappoint you and your family. Come see the talented thespians of the Phoenix Theater weave a tale of magic, friendship and individuality.

Greater Columbus Golf Show
January 11-13th, 2008; Veteran's Memorial
614-221-4341; www.northcoastgolfshow.com
Have your Saturdays been dull with the lack of golf and good weather? Have you missed clutching that nine iron, teeing off and yelling "Fore!"? Get ready to shed those winter blues, the 2008 golf season is ready to begin! Come on down to Vet's Memorial for the first Columbus golf show of the year. Check out the newest wares in golfing, and get yourself ready for another great year of golfing! Don't miss the free door prizes that accompany every admission!

Columbus is Fashion
January 12, 2008; Bar of Modern Art (BOMA)
614-226-4614; doors open at 9pm
Are you a fashionista? Do you wish you were? Come see this fabulous showcase of local designers and boutiques specializing in premium denim, graphic tees, and street couture. Participants include Choonamils, Industry Standards, Jwork Ltd., N'Threads, Milk Bar, Red Planet X, Revamp and Phenology. A portion of the proceeds from this benefit will go to the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital at OSU. Come see the latest and greatest in local urban wear! Be the fashion forward friend in 2008!

Know of an event that you think the Jeffrey Place Community would like? Did you have a really good experience in downtown Columbus or in the Short North? Let us know! We would love to hear from you- Email your event, suggestion, or testimonial to laura@jeffreyplace.com.

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