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December 31, 2007
Core Development

Chicago and Columbus: more alike then you thought!?

"In recent years, a push has been made to redevelop the urban centers of cities that have been abandoned to suburban sprawl. At the forefront of this movement is the development of residential housing for these newcomers. Midwestern cities are taking a fresh look at their urban core, and figuring out ways to make these areas appeal to residents seeking a new urban experience. While the reasons for redeveloping and the demographics targeted may vary, the common goal is to bring vibrancy and life back to the heart of the city."

Both urban centers, Columbus and Chicago, along with several other Midwestern cities are working hard to redefine their cities as vibrant communities. Columbus, well on it's way to being the Midwestern hot spot, boasts several cool digs. But savvy Columbus residents know: when it comes to quality, design, and lifestyle- nothing beats Jeffrey Place! With the urban location, abundant green spaces, community centered lifestyle and fantastic design, Jeffrey Place is the epitome of sustainable urban living. And the innovative project is attracting the best and brightest of Columbus' professionals. Doing our part to help retain those bright and promising individuals, Jeffrey Place is featured in this recent cover story of Heartland Real Estate, a regional business publication.

Click here to read more about the Midwest movement towards urban revitalization, Columbus' part in that promising movement, and Jeffrey Place's prominent position at the forefront.

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December 12, 2007
BIA Holiday Quarterly Lunch & Tour at Jeffrey Place

Founded over 60 years ago, the esteemed Building Industry Association- BIA- is an organization comprised of professionals in the home buying and building field. It consists of members from every aspect of the field including single and multiple family homebuilders, developers, remodelers, subcontractors, suppliers and service professionals doing business in the central Ohio area.

The BIA is holding it's quarterly lunch and tour for a Sales and Marketing Council Networking event this Friday at the Jeffrey Place site. From 11:30-2:00pm on Friday December 14th, over 60 BIA members and guests will mingle, eat and learn about new ideas and projects.

Our own managing director of Community Building Partners, Doug Ervin, is the guest speaker, speaking to the group from 12:00-12:30. A tour of the site will follow, including our Courtyard Townhome model, our North Block vignette, and our soon to be completed Loft 1 building.

For more information about the BIA or this SMC holiday event visit www.biahomebuilders.com!

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December 09, 2007
"Why Columbus? Best of Everything"

We think Columbus, Ohio has a lot to offer- and the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce seems to agree. Here is a video they have recently produced called "Why Columbus? Best of Everything" 

Take a look for yourself, and see if they have portrayed your hometown the way you see it!

">Columbus has Everything

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December 08, 2007
Cupcake Decorating Contest and Sweet Sale for a Good Cause

When: December 8th, 2007
Where: Demonstration Kitchen of the North Market on Vine St.


Everyone had a blast at the Cupcakes For a Cause event at the North Market this weekend. Teams of kids from all over Columbus decorated cupcakes to sell. All of the supplies were generously donated by the Surly Girl Saloon and all of the proceeds went towards the Children's Hunger Alliance!

Thanks to all of the families that participated, the North Market customers who donated for the cause, and Surly Girl Saloon and the North Market for helping make such a great event possible!!

Click the link below for more pictures of the kids having fun and the fabulous cupcakes they decorated!!


The kids made some beautiful holiday cupcakes for the Sweets Sale after the event. Don't you wish you had one of these to gobble up!?


Our own Sara Smith had a lot of fun with the kids too!


And of course there was some playing around at the North Market!


One of our teams: Bella and Penny with some of the cupcakes. Good job, girls!

December 05, 2007
What To Do In Our Neighborhood: December

Kid_in_winter           December Events:


Cupcake Decorating Contest and Sweet Sale for a Good Cause
When: December 8th, 2007
Where: Demonstration Kitchen of the North Market on Vine St.
For More Information: 297-7448 or www.jeffreyplace.com or email sara@jeffreyplace.com

Bring the kids down to the North Market on Saturday, December 8th for scrumptious cupcakes and a fun family event, all of which support the Children's Hunger Alliance.

Let the kids decorate cupcakes in the second level of the North Market in the demonstration kitchen. They can add their own holiday flair with sprinkles, candies, icing and love. The cupcakes will then be entered into a special holiday decoration contest!

The cupcakes and decorations have been generously donated by Surly Girl Saloon, a fabulous bar and restaurant located right here in the Short North. The contest entries (the decorated cupcakes) will be on sale after the event with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Children's Hunger Alliance.

Come decorate your holiday cupcakes, or just swing by to pick up your own Sweets for a Cause. Help out your community while satisfying that sweet tooth. A real holiday treat for you and your family, from Jeffrey Place!

Jeffrey Place re-usable grocery bags will also be on sale for $2.00 at the Cupcake event this Saturday. 100% of the profits from the bags go to the Children's Hunger Alliance as well. Help Jeffrey Place help our neighborhoods. Because we believe that "community" doesn't stop at the end of our street!

Click below for more December events in our neighborhood!

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Minnesota Wild, Anaheim Ducks and more
When: Throughout December
Where: Nationwide Arena
For More information: www.bluejackets.com

WNCI presents Jingle Balls; ft. the Backstreet boys, Cobie Caillat and One Republic
When: December 12-13, 2007
Where: LifeStyles Pavillion

Trans Siberian Orchestra
A fusion of traditional and contemporary musical styles. This performance is a holiday favorite fro many Columbus families. Make it a new tradition in your family this year!
When: December 27, 2007
Where: Nationwide Arena
For More Information: www.trans-siberian.com

Mayhem & Mystery Dinner Theatre: A Holiday Harmony- Crooning with Scrooge
When: now through December 27, 2007
Where: Spaghetti Warehouse
For More Information: www.mayhemmystery.com

Holiday Tours on Capitol Square
When: December 31, 2007
Where: Ohio Statehouse; State St. and High St.
For More Information: www.ohiostatehouse.org

Gordon Lee: Urban Legends v. 3.0
When: now through December 15, 2007
Where: Columbus College of Art and Design 107 N. Ninth St. Columbus
For More Information: 224-9101 or www.ccad.edu

COSI's Holiday Science of the Season
When: now through December 31, 2007
Where: COSI Columbus 333 W. Broad St.
For More information: 228-2674 or www.cosi.org

CATCO presents: The Santaland Diaries
Don't miss this one man, one act play based on the true accounts of humorist David Sedaris' experiences as an elf in Macy's Santaland.
When: now through December 23, 2007
Where: Studio Theatre, Riffe Center 77 S. High St.
For more information: 469-0939 or www.catco.org

MadLab: Too Much Christmas
When: now through December 22, 2007
Where: MadLab 105 N. Grant Ave.
For More Information: www.madlab.net

Choir Concerts in the Statehouse Crypt
Local students from throughout Columbus serenade lunchtime audiences in the Crypt of the Statehouse. School choirs from Bexley to Olentangy Liberty to the Columbus Torah Academy are in the list of fabulous entertainers in December
When: December 3-21, 2007
Where: the Crypt of the Ohio Statehouse State St. and High St.
For more information: visit www.ohiostatehouse.org for the full December line up

BalletMet: The Nutcracker
Join Clara as she experiences the fantastical lands of sugar plum fairies and rat kings. This beautiful ballet is sure to become a holiday favorite for you and your family.
When: December 8-23, 2007
Where: Ohio Theatre 39 E. State St.
For More Information: www.balletmet.org

St. Joseph Cathedral Concert Series: Handel's Messiah
When: December 9, 2007
Where: St. Joseph Cathedral 212 E. Broad St.
For More Information: www.saintjosephcathedral.org

Village Lights
Tour the holiday lights of one of Columbus' most beautiful neighborhoods: German Village. As the only neighborhood in Columbus that compares to the density of Jeffrey Place, take in the beautiful urban scene and get a great idea of the community we are building right here in Italian Village!
When: December 9, 2007 6:00pm-10:00pm
Where: German Village
For More Information: www.germanvillage.com

Harlem Globetrotters
The Globetrotters have entertained American basketball fans for 82 years and counting. Bring your family downtown to see some of the most skilled ball handlers in the world as they entertain families with basketball skills and tricks even LeBron James can admire.
When: December 28, 2007
Where: Nationwide Arena
For More Information: www.nationwidearena.com

A Soulful Christmas
When: December 29, 2007
Where: Ohio Theatre 39 E. State St.
For More Information: 645-0642 or www.thekingartscomplex.com

First Night Columbus
When: December 31, 2007
Where: Downtown Columbus
For More Information: www.firstnightcolumbus.com

December 04, 2007
The Liquid Loft Comes to Light

Two Loft units at Jeffrey Place are combined to create a 2,850 square foot stunner.

Architect George Acock has revealed his first sketches of a combined loft unit in Jeffrey Place's Loft 1 building. You may have read about the amazing possibilities of the Loft building in the October issue of the Jeffrey Journal, but now you can see for yourself the first plans for such a unit!

The floor plan creates a 2,850 square foot contemporary loft space with three bedrooms, three and a half baths, designer kitchen, and even a gallery space on the first floor. More than 800 square feet of glass windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls make this Loft unit a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Ever dream of living in an urban glass home? Live a dream. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

Click below to see the floor plan sketches. For pricing and availability, or to simply discuss your options at Jeffrey Place at more detail, call 614-297-7448, or email sales@jeffreyplace, today!


1st Level


2nd Level

For further descriptions or to hear more about the new Loft design in the Loft 1 at Jeffrey Place call 614-297-7448 or email sales@jeffreyplace.com today!

December 02, 2007
A New Year's Resolution that Will Really Impact Our Life...Not to Mention Your Wallet


Keep your New Year's Resolution in 2008. Buying a home at Jeffrey Place is an investment that's guaranteed to your money work for you.

The third most popular New Year's resolution is to save more money and make better investments. There's no better way to make your money work for you than by owning a home. There's no better way to make your money work for you than by owning a home. Here are a few excerpts pulled directly from a blog discussion on owning vs. renting:

      " If you bought a $150K house and put 20% down, then took out a thirty year fixed rate mortgage at, say 6.5 percent then you'd end up with a payment (principal + interest) of around $758. In the first year you'd pay down $1,341 of your balance. That's not too much, but the $7,761 that you paid in interest is tax deductible. If you're in the 25% tax bracket then that saves you around $1,940.

       And here's the good part. If the value of your house appreciates that's your benefit. So if it increases at 5.5 percent- around the historical average- then that's over $8 grand that goes to your net worth.

Homeownership = low volatility + high leverage = a great investment. In the long rung you gotta do it."

Read more from these bloggers and learn more about how 2008 can be the year you finally keep your new year's resolution!

This blogger is absolutely right, "you gotta do it!" The American government is set up to be very kind to homeowners. It's good for the local and national economies for people to buy homes and in an effort to encourage that financial incentives are in place to reward homeowners. But, don't forget that homeowner tax deductions allow you to bring home thousands more dollars a year (money you earned, by the way). Unlike playing the stock market, or even setting up CD's to stash your money away, real estate appreciates- always. If you buy a home and plan on staying in it for a while you will see appreciation.

You're going to spend money on shelter anyway. The U.S. census estimates Americans spend about 30 percent of their income on housing. Why give that 30 percent to a landlord? Imagine putting 30 percent of your income into a savings account- now that's making your money work for you!

Here's what another blogger had to say about being a homeowner.

       "We own our home (2 adults, 2 kids), and pay about 20% of our gross toward mortgage and another 5% for taxes and insurance. Back when I was a single parent, I paid 33% of my gross on rent.

      I think the whole housing thing is more complicated than just what % income [you are spending]. My old rent was less than my current mortgage, but I also had half the square footage [that] I do now, plus no yard, garage, etc. Some people will say that you shouldn't consider your home an investment, but I disagree vehemently. One sweet thing about owning vs. renting is that your mortgage will not go up. 10 years from now, our income will be higher, our mortgage will not, and as a percent of income it will be in the neighborhood of 12% instead of the current 20%.

      In contrast, I saw my rent go up by ~ 7% a year the 3 years I rented in the D.C. area- almost twice as fast as my income! 10 more years of that, and housing costs as % of income would have wound up at almost 40%.

      Not only that, but when I moved out of that apartment after 3 years of renting, I got a whopping $200 in security deposit. If we moved out of the house today and went back to renting, we'd have $200,000 to show for our home over the last 3 years.

        And that doesn't even get into the income tax advantages.

        $200 vs. $200,000. If that's not an investment, I don't know what is."

A Jeffrey Place sales associate can show you how to live in luxury and invest your money wisely. Call 614-297-7448 for an appointment.

It's your life, live it well. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.


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December 01, 2007
Women Homeowners: Smart Investors Making Profitable Investments

When it comes to the real estate market it's good-bye hunter-gatherer paradigm. Single women are snatching up more homes than single men.


Single women purchased more than twice as many homes in 2005 as single men, according to the National Association of Realtors. That's nearly 1.5 million homes to be exact. After all, it is almost 2008 and women are enjoying more access to money, social status, and power than ever before in history. And, like men, women want a physical symbol of their success. What better way to say, "I've made it" than with a beautiful home.

Jeffrey Place is recognizing this new set of powerhouse homebuyers by offering the features and amenities women want. Understanding what women want is no longer an age-old question.

Click below to read about how Jeffrey Place is satisfying even the most demanding of women!

Security is a priority for women homebuyers and Jeffrey Place has provided a dense community with well light streetscapes, courtyard parking and garages, and community policing to create the safest urban neighborhood in the city.

Woman_lounging   Jeffrey Place has also created a maintenance free lifestyle for all homeowners. No lawnmower required. Jeffrey Place offers more than four acres of dedicated public parks and green space, including lush rooftop gardens for everyone to enjoy without the hassle of tending to a large suburban yard. This leaves Jeffrey Place homeowners more time to walk to a corner cafe, bike around the community, or dine with friends at one of the tasty neighborhood restaurants.

For homeowners who prefer a night in, Jeffrey Place offers gourmet kitchens-- yes, liberated women do cook! Beautiful stainless steel energy-efficient appliances, granite countertops, Italian designs, German engineering, and plenty of room for entertaining make this one of the hottest rooms in the home. What's more, many homes at Jeffrey Place include ventless gas fireplace, breezy balconies, and lots of oversized windows. Imagine letting your inner-decorator come out to design a chic home of your own.

Women aren't just content to rule the boardroom anymore, they want to rule the roost. And why not? Jeffrey Place makes it easy to define your life as a modern, successful woman. You demand the best- and we are happy to oblige.

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