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August 29, 2007
September's Gallery Hop Officially Lights Up

    While we here at Jeffrey Place are keeping our Gallery Hop events to a bimonthly schedule, the Short North Business Association and the City of Columbus are collaborating on a whopper of a celebration for September. Who's the guest of honor you might ask? Why, the Short North arches of course! This Saturday night, September 1st, will be the official debut of the arches' colors and lighting effects.

    A procession of dancers, drummers, folks on stilts, gussied-up animals, and other performers will begin at 9:00 on Poplar Street. As the procession merrily passes beneath each arch along High Street the colored lights will flick on, lighting up the street like Mardi Gras.

    Once all of the arches are ablaze in color the procession will disband. Then it's time to eat, drink, shop and revel in the marvelous commotion of Gallery Hop!

    Join our neighbors in this fantastic light show and help Jeffrey Place and the Short North kick off another month with a fantastic urban experience: the Short North Gallery Hop!

Visit  ShortNorth.org for more information about the Short North area, Gallery Hop and the Arch Lighting this weekend.

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August 27, 2007
Jeffrey Place Project Gets Grant for Solar Panels

We are proud to share that The Columbus Dispatch featured Jeffrey Place in it's business section today. Mike Pramik writes about the grant Jeffrey Place received from the Ohio Department of Development to install solar panels in the cutting edge project: The North Block. In case you missed the article today, follow the link below to read the full article.

Visit our North Block site for more information about these innovative homes.

Click the link below or click here to read the full article in The Columbus Dispatch.

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August 25, 2007
Rooftop Gardens Make Economic Sense

As Americans catch up with Europeans in urban design, the desire for roof top gardens is increasing at a rapid pace. It's not just the beauty of roof top gardens that appeals to savy consumers- it's the money saving they offer. In Columbus only a few projects have met this challenge, and none as abundantly as Jeffrey Place. Besides being an urban oasis, roof top gardens also help the environment and they help keep your home energy efficient. A home owner can enjoy the beauty of a roof top garden while saving money! Practicality and luxury!

With our great location next to downtown, at Jeffrey Place you can gaze at the downtown skyline while seated in a scene of money saving green.

In High Fashion Garden: Rooftop plantings are catching on in urban areas the Northwest Herald explores the advantages of roof top gardens and it's rapidly increasing popularity in America. It's not just for beauty anymore- rooftop gardens make sense economically as well!

" Green roofs conservatively can be expected to last two to three times longer than a conventional roof, according to the the American Society of Landscape Architects. They can reduce the heating and cooling costs for buildings by at least 10 to 15 percent, says the society." Rooftop gardens serve as more than just beautiful spaces, they make sense economically as well!

Click here for the full article:

High Fashion Garden: Rooftop plantings are catching on in urban areas
Washington (AP)  Northwest Herald

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August 22, 2007
Street Party for Modern Transit

     Come to Jeffrey Place this Thursday, August 23, and join in the discussion on public transportation solutions. The debate over how to get people out of their cars rages on in Central Ohio- some say light rail is the answer, others want to invest in expanding COTA, still others are rallying for street cars. Everyone seems to agree that as Columbus grows into a modern metropolis with a thriving Downtown so grows the need for efficient mass transit.

    The Street Party for Modern Transit is hosted by 1000 Friends of Central Ohio, a local public transportation advocacy group. The special guest speaker, Thomas R. Shout, Jr., is the executive director of Citizens for Modern Transit. Shrout works with cities across the country to build support for passenger rail systems.

    1000 Friends of Central Ohio's mission is to continue a dialogue in Columbus that focuses on building an effective transportation network for the city and surrounding areas.

    If you've ever imagined zipping to work aboard a super-train, or you've recently complained about COTA please join in this conversation.

    The event is being held outside the Jeffrey Place Sales Center at 350 East First Avenue in Italian Village. Complimentary appetizers and a cash bar will be provided. The event is $25 for the public and reservations are requested and should be e-mailed to 1000friendsohio@columbus.rr.com.

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August 16, 2007
The "Nothing Like It" Lofts At Jeffrey Place

     Nothing embodies urban living better than loft living. From Miami to Los Angeles droves of die-hard urbanites are snatching up these airy industrial spaces. There's something about the polished concrete floors, exposed ducts, and seemingly endless space that draws people in.

    Artists say loft-space fosters their creativity, others say the industrial aesthetics and raw space compliments their love of modern design. Urban dwellers all over the country are searching their cities for that perfect loft space. Meanwhile, somewhere between the East and the West coast lies Columbus, Ohio and while there are lofts to be had here - there's nothing like the Lofts at Jeffrey Place.

Click below to read about Loft-style Living

     The first of two Loft buildings at Jeffrey Place now stands on the site, a testimony to architect George Acock's unfaltering vision. The four-story glass and steel marvel commands astonishing views of the downtown sky line from its verdant rooftop terrace with plenty of room for outdoor entertaining. But, the views don't stop there. Each unit has no less than 325 square feet of glass. No matter where you are in the Loft building the life and inspiration of the world around you is let in - along with a flood of natural light.

     Soaring 18-foot high interior space is exactly what brings people to loft-living. The commercial-grade windows, skylights, double walled separation with sound insulation, and energy conscious design keeps them there. The Lofts at Jeffrey Place give Columbus's chic urban set the features that thrill them along with a few surprises.

     You'll find sleek loft space at Jeffrey Place, but what might surprise you, is the lush green space just outside your front door. Crews are nearly finished paving the streets at Jeffrey Place and truckloads of topsoil are being delivered to the site. This means it's time to start seeding. The first of the Loft buildings is situated just in front of Fountain Plaza, one of several gorgeous parks and rooftop gardens dotting Jeffrey Place with green.

     Even the most hardcore city dweller needs their daily dose of green. Grab your mug of coffee and put a little Zen in your morning with a stroll through the luscious landscaping. Or, at the end of a long day, throw the windows of your loft open and let in the relaxing gurgle of Fountain Plaza's water feature sooth you.

    Don't let loft envy run your life. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

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August 15, 2007
Developer Speaks to OhioEPA

     Standing in front of a crowd of about 30 Ohio EPA employees, Joe Recchie the developer of Jeffrey Place, talked about some of the environmental highlights of the 41.5 acre development in Italian Village. He began by thanking the EPA employees for their work in the environmental sciences, saying that the eco-friendly Jeffrey Place development is built on the shoulders of their work.

    Jeffrey Place received a Clean Ohio Grant to help with remediation of the brownfield site and the Ohio EPA oversaw the remediation process. Now, the formerly vacant slab of concrete is home to the largest mixed-use urban infill development in the history of Columbus. The $400 million redevelopment includes more than 1100 residential units, 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, and more than four acres of dedicated public parks.

    Recchie stressed Ohio's need to respond to the nation's burgeoning environmental movement in order to save the state's manufacturing and industrial industries.

    "Environmental design and renewable energy is the future of Ohio," he said.

    Recchie went on to explain how Jeffrey Place implements the principles and practices of new urbanism, environmentally conscious design, and smart growth.


    Click on the link below to read more about Jeffrey Place's sustainability practices and the Jeffrey Place Environmental Charter.

    Recchie went on to explain how Jeffrey Place implements the principles and practices of new urbanism, environmentally conscious design, and smart growth.

    He explained how Jeffrey Place efficiently uses the urban land it's built on to create a dense, walkable community that fits well into its existing surroundings. He then outlined how the same number of residential, retail, and commercial units would typically be built in a suburban development. The differences in land usage were staggering. A similar suburban development - with the same number of units and square footage as Jeffrey Place- would take up an estimated 1300 acres, that's more than 30 times as many acres of land than Jeffrey Place is using.

    "Based on the amount of infill construction going on in Columbus consumers have already shown their interest in stopping this type of sprawl," Recchie told the crowd.

    Another thing consumers have shown a strong interest in is parking in such a dense urban redevelopment. Recchie took the opportunity to address this issue by outlining the design of the site's several hundred on-street parking spaces and several hundred thousand square feet of public and private parking structures.

    With the imminent need for more urban parking taken care of at Jeffrey Place, Recchie introduced how the development is planning for the future, with the execution of the Jeffrey Place New Community Authority Environmental Charter.

    "Jeffrey Place is all about having empathy for the end user," Recchie said. "That is a lot of what sustainability is all about."

    The Jeffrey Place Environmental Charter begins with a commitment from the long-term managing body of the development to environmental advocacy. The New Community Authority at Jeffrey Place is committed to taking a leadership role in environmental compliance and protection and to the continued promotion of superior environmental standards.

   The Jeffrey Place New Community Authority also commits to continuing to build an environmental action plan throughout the life of the development. Every community is a changing and evolving organism and Jeffrey Place's Environmental Charter recognized that with a pledge to set new goals each year in order to create a sustainable community. Each year as the community grows and changes as will the action plan, incorporating new and better benchmarks of ecological and social responsibility.

    More about Jeffrey Place's sustainability practices and the principles of smart growth, new urbanism, and green design and building, as well as the Jeffrey Place Environmental Charter can be found right here on the Jeffrey Place website; www.jeffreyplace.com.

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August 10, 2007

There's a lot of buzz lately about corporate environmental responsibility. Companies of all sizes are beginning to recognize consumers' commitments to living sustainable environmentally conscious lifestyles - part of this commitment is supporting companies with environmental initiatives. Because of this new awareness, reputations are being created and destroyed based on the public's perception of corporation's environmental practice.

The Way to Gauge Green in the Building Industry

For the building industry, there is only one way to qualify responsible environmental practices. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the only nationally recognized rating system for sustainable or "green" building. Managed by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED provides a benchmark for the building industry to create and maintain high-performance green buildings.

LEED- certified buildings are designed and built with a more environmentally and socially conscious model that conserves environmental resources; promotes a healthier lifestyle for inhabitants and reduces operating costs.

LEED uses five key standards, including human and environmental health, sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. Projects seeking LEED certification earn points in categories that fall within these key areas, and depending on the number of points earned the projects are certified at silver, gold or platinum levels.

Jeffrey Place's North Block condominiums are an icon of residential green building in Columbus

The North Block condominiums at Jeffrey Place aren't just the greenest condos in Columbus- they're about to go platinum! The pilot program for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Neighborhood Development Ratings System is in full swing and the North Block at Jeffrey Place is the only development in Columbus chosen by the U.S. Green Building Council to participate.

Clink the link below to read more about the LEED standards and Jeffrey Place's pioneer role in this cutting edge program.

Jeffrey Place's North Block condominiums are an icon of residential green building in Columbus

The North Block condominiums at Jeffrey Place aren't just the greenest condos in Columbus- they're about to go platinum! The pilot program for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Neighborhood Development Ratings System is in full swing and the North Block at Jeffrey Place is the only development in Columbus chosen by the U.S. Green Building Council to participate.

The LEED Neighborhood Development Rating System applies the high green building standards of its rating system for individual buildings and expands them by evaluating the sustainability and environmentally conscious design of an entire neighborhood.

The North Block is the first residential development of its kind in Columbus, setting a clear example for environmentally responsible building. The LEED Neighborhood Development Rating System seal of approval is just one more way for National Community Builders, the developer of Jeffrey Place, to demonstrate its commitment to being green.

Building Jeffrey Place on the principles of smart growth, sustainability, and green neighborhood design, now affords National Community Builders confidence in the North Block's platinum-level design as the U.S. Green Building Council evaluates the project.

The LEED Neighborhood Development Rating System uses 60 criteria, including neighborhood walkability, brownfield redevelopment, and green construction and technology when rating developments. The North Block condos at Jeffrey Place include all of these benchmarks of environmentally conscious design.

"Green building and smart growth go hand-in-hand," said Joe Recchie, CEO of National Community Builders. "We've built with energy conservation and technological sophistication in the forefront assuring value and modern convenience."

The North Block's townhomes, lofts and retail spaces all meet, or exceed, the LEED Neighborhood Development standards for reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings, improving occupant health and well-being, and by supporting sustainable site development.

The North Block condominiums at Jeffrey Place feature leading edge green technology.

             * Geothermal heating and cooling

              * The region's largest residential solar panel array

              * Carport roofs planted with year round vegetation

              * Storm water runoff and retention irrigation


Jeffrey Place began with a commitment to sustainability.

The site, formerly home to the Jeffrey Manufacturing Co., sat as a vacant eye-sore for nearly two decades until National Community Builders purchased it. As an urban infill development, Jeffrey Place is replacing the formerly unused plot of land with a vibrant community everyone in Columbus can enjoy.

Aside from serving as a source of revitalization for Italian Village, Jeffrey Place is a recycled site. The land where Jeffrey Place now sits was once covered in 90,000 tons of concrete. In the spirit of sustainable site development and green building practices, National Community Builders recycled every morsel of that concrete. It was crushed on site, and then reused in the development's infrastructure. This green practice not only kept the concrete out of the landfill, but saved energy by eliminating the need for trucks to haul it to the dump.

The commitment to building a sustainable community continues in every phase of building Jeffrey Place. Where once there was nothing but a sea of concrete and unsightly debris there now stands the first signs of a vibrant and modern neighborhood.

Located in the heart of Italian Village, Jeffrey Place is the city's largest smart growth, urban infill development. Jeffrey Place is inherently pedestrian- friendly, with a mix of residential and retail space, and over four acres of dedicated public parks and verdant green spaces. All of these qualities combine to make Jeffrey Place the largest environmentally friendly development in Columbus.

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Jeffrey Place Construction Updates: August

Has it been a while since you've seen the Jeffrey Place site? Are you a curious neighbor? Maybe you're interested in the cutting edge green technology we offer, or the beautiful architecture of our homes?

Whatever category you fit in, as a member of our community, we at Jeffrey Place would like to invite you to check out our progress. Stop by for a tour of our Loft 1 building, a view of our NB1 vignette or a tour of our Courtyard Townhome model. Our model and Sales center are open from 4-7 on weekdays, 12-5 weekends, and any time by appointment!

Read on for more construction updates!

If you have driven down 4th street lately, no doubt you've noticed the Jeffrey Place site taking shape.

Street Paving Underway

      Our first streets were paved in June, and the next phase of streets are currently in preparation for paving as well. The curbs are being put into place this week and paving will take place soon! Dirt has been unloaded on the North half of the site, and grass will be planted next, to color the site as green as its projects. Feel free to drive, take a jog, or ride your bike through our new streets. Our streets at Jeffrey Place are all public streets!

Next up: Neighborhood Homes

      Our plans for the beautiful Neighborhood Homes at Jeffrey Place are taking form as well. The first six designs, by Acock & Associates, achieved conceptual approval by the Italian Village Commission. Each plan offers a distinct style and floor plan keeping with the high standards by which Jeffrey Place abides. And as final approval is given to the plans, we will officially begin our marketing of the gorgeous designs. In the mean time, if you are interested making your home at Jeffrey Place, don't hesitate to contact our sales staff.

North Block 1

      Our newest project, the North Block 1, is gearing up for its vertical stage of build. The state permits for the NB1 site have been approved and they were just submitted to the City of Columbus for final approval as well. Although we just unveiled the designs in May, our first phase is almost sold out and construction will begin soon.

Loft 1

      The Loft 1 building is nearing completion as Higley works diligently on the beautiful structure. For you construction aficionados out there. you'll be happy to hear we have just finished our mechanical rough-in inspections. They are also finishing up the dry-wall in this glass and steel building. Although it is still in construction, the Loft 1 building is available for tours. If you are interested in viewing this spectacular building, just stop by the model or sales center during open hours, or call to make an appointment that suits your schedule!

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Things To Do in August in our Neighborhood

Seen every movie? Bored of the same restaurants? Already did the State Fair? Twice? Perhaps you're just curious about the neighborhood, or just looking for something new? If you are wondering what's going on Downtown, in the Short North, etc. you have come to the right place! We here at Jeffrey Place would like to invite you to come over and check out the scene. We are pretty confident you'll find something you love, right here!

Here are several things to do in August right here in our community. From open air concerts, lectures, and intellectual discussions, to farmers markets and chalk art, there's tons of things to do with your friends, a date, or your family. It's a lot of fun being right in the middle of the action, see why everyone is loving our neighborhood!

Run or Walk to a discussion of walkable communities in Columbus

      The Urban Land Institute (ULI) now has a Columbus District Council. ULI hosted a discussion on walkable communities in Columbus on August 9th, at the Athletic Club of Columbus.

       Four presenters focused on issues ranging from public health and the city's "Healthy Places" program, results of a walking audit of Downtown Columbus, the pedestrian-friendly planning efforts of MORPC, and details on a mixed-use development that promotes a healthier walkable lifestyle.

       So, all you bi-peds get out there and get in this on-going dialogue.

Rock Capitol Square.

       Every Tuesday and Thursday live bands take center stage at the Party on State Street. This Tuesday, August 14th  at happy hour enjoy funky-sounds of The McDickies, along with foods and drinks at Darby's Outdoor Cafe Courtyard. Next Thursday August 16th, downtown imbibers can rock with HOWLband. The open concert series only lasts until the end of August, so enjoy this summer event while you can!

Yams, Jams, and YUMMM!

      The North Market's 16th Annual Farmer's Festival is Saturday August 18th, followed by the Garlic Festival Sunday August 19th. Cooking demonstrations, kids' activities, an amateur jam and jelly contest, and of course plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Don't miss this tasty Short North tradition!

The Lighting of the Short North Arches- this time it's official!

        The Short North arch-lighting ceremony will take place as part of September's Gallery Hop. There have been talks of colored bulbs and synchronized lights along High St. But rest assured, as details become finalized we will have them right here, at jeffreyplace.com! Make sure you are here in the Short North for September's Gallery Hop, it is sure to be exceptional!

Long Live Via Colori! In whatever form it takes...

      You may have heard Via Colori 2007 was canceled due to sponsorship issues. But all is not lost! The North Market stepped in and stepped up, along with the artists from the Couchfire Collective, to host a Via Colori of sorts. September 8th and 9th the chalk dust will be flying on the North Market sidewalk, as Couchfire Collective artists create colorful works for all to enjoy. So, head over there, grab some chalk, or grab a cup of bubble tea and just admire others as they keep one of the city's most treasured events alive.

Stay tuned to www.jeffreyplace.com for more upcoming events in our neighborhood. Know of something cool going on in the Short North, Italian Village, Victorian Village, the University District or Downtown? Think we should know? Email information to LCRecchie@ncb-inc.com


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August 03, 2007
Back By Popular Demand! Jeffrey Place showcase at Short North's Gallery Hop

The beginning of a new month means one thing for the Short North area: Gallery Hop! This Saturday, August 4th, the shops and galleries on High Street in the Short North district will extend their hours as hundreds of locals and visitors enjoy the merchants' wares and festivities.

If you missed our Gallery Hop NB1 premier and wine tasting in June, don't worry, it's back! Due to the overwhelming success of our event in June, Jeffrey Place has once again teamed up with Huntington Bank to showcase our green project, the North Block 1, during August's Gallery Hop.

Join us at the Huntington store front at 662 N. High St. from 6:00-9:00 pm. We will be having a free wine tasting, with wine provided by Europia, on High St. Fabulous food will be provided by Anthony Sobotik as Michael Isla serenades us with beautiful acoustic melodies.

                              Jeffrey Place unveiled the NB1 design at June's Gallery Hop event.

As a part of the Jeffrey Place community, you are cordially invited to join us in our festivities. Stop by for great wine, fantastic food, and beautiful music. And if you are interested, our knowledgeable staff can explain more about the innovative project, the green technology at NB1, or the area in general.

We hope to see you there, and we encourage you to bring your friends!

Help us show off two of the best things Columbus has to offer: the Short North and Jeffrey Place!

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