December 04, 2007
The Liquid Loft Comes to Light

Two Loft units at Jeffrey Place are combined to create a 2,850 square foot stunner.

Architect George Acock has revealed his first sketches of a combined loft unit in Jeffrey Place's Loft 1 building. You may have read about the amazing possibilities of the Loft building in the October issue of the Jeffrey Journal, but now you can see for yourself the first plans for such a unit!

The floor plan creates a 2,850 square foot contemporary loft space with three bedrooms, three and a half baths, designer kitchen, and even a gallery space on the first floor. More than 800 square feet of glass windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls make this Loft unit a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Ever dream of living in an urban glass home? Live a dream. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

Click below to see the floor plan sketches. For pricing and availability, or to simply discuss your options at Jeffrey Place at more detail, call 614-297-7448, or email sales@jeffreyplace, today!


1st Level


2nd Level

For further descriptions or to hear more about the new Loft design in the Loft 1 at Jeffrey Place call 614-297-7448 or email today!

September 08, 2007
More Paving at Jeffrey Place

They have been busy building at Jeffrey Place this month. But they've been busy paving as well! New public streets have been put in as the site progresses. Stroll through, ride your bike, or just come visit and check out what we're doing at Jeffrey Place!


Newly Paved Sixth Street at Jeffrey Place.


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September 05, 2007

    With a large range of price points, home designs and options, Jeffrey place fosters a diverse community at every step. However, one common trait can be found in Jeffrey Place home: our residents are discerning consumers.

    We here at Jeffrey Place strongly encourage questions. And we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff. We are confident that the more you know, the easier the decision is to make your home at Jeffrey Place. With that in mind, we have compiled some frequently asked questions to help keep you informed. If your question is not answered below there are lots of ways to get a hold of us. Stop into our model or sales center during open house hours, email us at or call us at 614-297-7448, and we will answer it promptly!

What is Jeffrey Place?

      Jeffrey Place is a 41.5 acre development, consisting of 1100 residential units, including townhomes, lofts, flats, and single family homes. Jeffrey Place is also home to more than 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial space. Some of the retail space has been set aside for a grocery store and a 16,000 square-foot fitness center with a rooftop pool. And membership to this state of the art facility is free to the estimated 4,000 people working and enjoying life at Jeffrey Place.

     Jeffrey Place is one of the densest urban developments in Columbus, but because of more than four acres of dedicated public parks, esplanades, and heavily landscaped streets surrounding the area, Jeffrey Place is also one of the most heavily planted urban sites in the city.

     This $400 million dollar development is one of the largest mixed-use redevelopments in the history of Columbus.

For More Frequently Asked Questions, click the link below!

Where is Jeffrey Place?

    Jeffrey Place is located in the heart of Italian Village, one of the city's most historic neighborhoods. Conveniently situated between I-670 and First Avenue on Fourth Street, Jeffrey Place is within walking distance to the galleries, nightlife, and dining located in the Short North, the Arena District, and Downtown.

    Jeffrey Place offers easy access to public transportation and the city's main thoroughfares, including I-670, I-70, I-71, I-270, and Route 315. this well-situated location makes it easy to get from Jeffrey Place to anywhere in Central Ohio and back home again.

When Will Jeffrey Place be Finished?

     The first block of Courtyard Townhomes along Fourth Street in Italian Village is already up and occupied. From there you will be able to see the first of The Lofts. Groundbreaking for the eco-friendly North Block condos and the next phase of Courtyard Townhomes is scheduled for Fall 2007. The first six designs for the Jeffrey Place's Neighborhood homes are currently under review by the Italian Village Commission and will go on the market soon after final approval.

     Progress has been deliberate and comprehensive and all of Jeffrey Place's underground utility lines have been installed. Street paving is expected to be completed by the end of the Summer 2007. The landscape architect can now finish the designs for the parks and begin laying down seed in some of Jeffrey Place's more than four acres of parks and green space.

Who Will Live at Jeffrey Place?

     Jeffrey Place is designed to be a diverse and vibrant community. In that spirit Jeffrey Place offers condominium units within a wide range of price points. Young professionals, families, senior citizens, empty nesters, and every one in between will find the space and amenities they want at Jeffrey Place.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay to Live at Jeffrey Place?

     Jeffrey Place has condos ranging from the mid-140's to custom homes priced at over $1 million. The options, floor plans, and design features available at Jeffrey Place are endless. Each individual has the opportunity to create a one of a kind home to suit their tastes, needs and budget. A Jeffrey Place sales associate will help guide you through all the possibilities to find the right space for you.

     Jeffrey Place is located right in the heart of the fastest appreciating neighborhood in Columbus. Property values in Italian Village have appreciated 63.8 percent in the past three years and the Jeffrey Place site has appreciated dramatically during that time.

     Also, Jeffrey Place offers the most competitive pricing per square foot in the area, especially considering the level of craftsmanship, artistry, and community focus that went into the planning and building process. No matter how you look at it, Jeffrey Place is a value.

What is Green Building and How Were These Eco-friendly Practices Incorporated at Jeffrey Place?

     Jeffrey Place's North Block condos are setting high standards in Columbus for green building practices. The North Block condos have the largest residential solar panel array in Ohio and the largest geothermal heating and cooling system in Ohio, as well as carport roofs planted with year-round vegetation, and a rain water reuse irrigation system.

     The North Block condos at Jeffrey Place are the only development in the city chosen by the U.S. Green Building Council's nationally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system for inclusion in its Neighborhood Development pilot program. This is an honor and it's just another way the North Block condos are setting an example of green building in Columbus.

What is a Brownfield Site and What Did Jeffrey Place do to Revitalize One?

     The term brownfield refers to a piece of land that was previously home to an industrial or commercial facility.

     Often, brownfield sites are located in urban areas and sit for years, taking up space without providing greenery or other benefits for the surrounding area. The investment and redevelopment of the sites positively affect the surrounding community by recreating the space, cleaning it up, and offering the area a new and beneficial purpose.

     Jeffrey Place is the former site of the Jeffrey Manufacturing Co. The buildings on the site were demolished in 1986, creating a vacant slab of concrete in the middle of Italian Village.

     Jeffrey Place is one of the most thoroughly documented sites in Columbus. The remediation plan leads to its certification for all of the planned uses for the site, including residential and park land. Now, where once there was nothing but an unsightly sea of concrete stands the first signs of a new and lively community- Jeffrey Place.

What is New Urbanism and How does Jeffrey Place Embody this Philosophy?

     New urbanism is the concept of revitalizing and restoring urban neighborhoods. It involves the redesigning of urban spaces to create pedestrian-friendly communities with a mix of residential, commercial and retail spaces, and a diverse population - hence the term new urbanism. Easy, walkable access to public transit, public spaces, and community institutions are also key components of the new urbanism and all of these facets of new urbanism have factored into the design of Jeffrey Place from the beginning.

What about Parking?

     Jeffrey Place offers plenty of off-street indoor parking for residents and on-street parking for visitors. Over 2,500 parking spaces have been planned for the individual building designs. In addition 700-900 parking spaces will be available on the new streets!

Does Jeffrey Place have Tax Abatement?

     Jeffrey Place has Tax Increment Financing, better known as a TIF. The TIF is a tax assessment equivalent to Columbus property taxes. However, all but a percentage allotted to Columbus Public Schools comes directly back to Jeffrey Place and is reinvested in the community to pay for infrastructure and maintenance- things that have a positive effect on the value of the property. It has tax abatement for 10 years from the date of occupancy however the Jeffrey Place New Community Authority has determined to create a community assessment that is equivalent to these property taxes. These funds revolve back to the Community and pay for the parks, infrastructure and the wide array of amenities that increase the quality of life in the Jeffrey Place Community.

Is there a Model I Can Tour?

     The Courtyard Townhome model is located on North Fourth Street between Warren St. and 1st. Ave. It is open Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. The model is staffed with knowledgeable Jeffrey Place sales associates that can give you more details on floor plans, features and pricing. The Loft building is open for tours during open house hours and a North Block model will be available in the first phase of build.

August 10, 2007
Jeffrey Place Construction Updates: August

Has it been a while since you've seen the Jeffrey Place site? Are you a curious neighbor? Maybe you're interested in the cutting edge green technology we offer, or the beautiful architecture of our homes?

Whatever category you fit in, as a member of our community, we at Jeffrey Place would like to invite you to check out our progress. Stop by for a tour of our Loft 1 building, a view of our NB1 vignette or a tour of our Courtyard Townhome model. Our model and Sales center are open from 4-7 on weekdays, 12-5 weekends, and any time by appointment!

Read on for more construction updates!

If you have driven down 4th street lately, no doubt you've noticed the Jeffrey Place site taking shape.

Street Paving Underway

      Our first streets were paved in June, and the next phase of streets are currently in preparation for paving as well. The curbs are being put into place this week and paving will take place soon! Dirt has been unloaded on the North half of the site, and grass will be planted next, to color the site as green as its projects. Feel free to drive, take a jog, or ride your bike through our new streets. Our streets at Jeffrey Place are all public streets!

Next up: Neighborhood Homes

      Our plans for the beautiful Neighborhood Homes at Jeffrey Place are taking form as well. The first six designs, by Acock & Associates, achieved conceptual approval by the Italian Village Commission. Each plan offers a distinct style and floor plan keeping with the high standards by which Jeffrey Place abides. And as final approval is given to the plans, we will officially begin our marketing of the gorgeous designs. In the mean time, if you are interested making your home at Jeffrey Place, don't hesitate to contact our sales staff.

North Block 1

      Our newest project, the North Block 1, is gearing up for its vertical stage of build. The state permits for the NB1 site have been approved and they were just submitted to the City of Columbus for final approval as well. Although we just unveiled the designs in May, our first phase is almost sold out and construction will begin soon.

Loft 1

      The Loft 1 building is nearing completion as Higley works diligently on the beautiful structure. For you construction aficionados out there. you'll be happy to hear we have just finished our mechanical rough-in inspections. They are also finishing up the dry-wall in this glass and steel building. Although it is still in construction, the Loft 1 building is available for tours. If you are interested in viewing this spectacular building, just stop by the model or sales center during open hours, or call to make an appointment that suits your schedule!

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June 14, 2007
Jeffrey Place prepares for paving of our first public street


It's not too often that the City of Columbus gets new public streets added to its urban neighborhoods.

That's exactly what's happening (barring bad weather) as Jeffrey Place paves it's very first street later this week. Be sure to swing by during this year's annual CityHop to be one of the first folks in Columbus to drive, preferably walk of course, down the all new Neruda Avenue.

Neruda will run east to west connecting our Courtyard Townhomes and The Lofts at Jeffrey Place. In front of The Lofts, running north to south, will also be the first section of Waldron Street which will be connecting East First Avenue to the Jeffrey Place neighborhood.

The rest of the underground infrastructure and streets will continue to be constructed throughout the summer, with an anticipated completion of the entire north half of Jeffrey Place's streets to happen by the fall.

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October 13, 2006
Loft Building Grows Skyward

After several months of underground preparation the loft building is stretching to the sky. Passers-by have the opportunity to view the 78 foot tower crane from North Fourth Street, which will be used for the erection of the steel frame and glass structure. This remote control crane is cable of hoisting 55 ton of steel and has a wing span distance of 140 feet. The crane was built in Germany and has only been used in Ohio three times. This is its first project in Columbus.

On Monday, October ninth we received five semi truck loads of fabricated structural steel, including beams, columns and steel decking. The first columns were erected on Tuesday and the building will continue to expand up and out for the next several weeks. The erectors are on track to enclose the building by the first of the year.

Over the past couple of months much preparation was made to place the foundation for this multi-story complex so the steel erection could begin. A basement which incorporates much of the building utilities is complete with underground plumbing and electric. The foundation and pit for the elevator are also within the basement walls. The basement walls are poured concrete and have been waterproofed and insulated on the outside, provided with a foundation drain and backfilled with porous material. Upon completion of all that work the actual 6 inch concrete slab was poured inside the basement creating the lower floor.

In addition to the basement, the strip footings and concrete column pads were placed for the balance of the building foundation. There is block work continuing on the retail level of the foundation and the plumbers are completing underground floor drains in the area that will become the ground level parking deck within the building. The retail level slab on grade will be poured in the next couple of weeks as we move forward.

The Loft Building, designed by Acock Associates of Columbus, consists of thirty luxury residential condominiums on two levels. The lower level will have about five thousand square feet of retail space for three commercial tenants. The building will actually be the height of a five story building as there is an intermediate loft level on each of the two residential levels. This is the first of two such buildings within the Jeffrey Place project site.

In addition to The Loft project, we are current designing the North Block condominium project. This project will be built in the reserve on the corner of North Fourth Street and First Ave. The project consists of 70 entry level condominiums, both two bedroom townhomes and one bedroom lofts.

The next phase of Courtyard Townhomes is going through planning, zoning and permitting requirements and is projected to start before years end. The next phase includes sixteen additional luxury townhomes.

We invite you to come visit our sales center at 350 East First Ave, open from 10:00 to 6:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. on the weekends you can catch us at the Jeffrey Town Home model. We can escort you through our recently completed Luxury town home model. To receive more information call for an appointment (614.297.7448) or visit our website WWW.JEFFREYPLACE.COM.

Mark W Dodd
Vice President Construction

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August 14, 2006
Jeffrey Place Lofts LLC. breaks ground with new residences in Italian Village

            In the Italian Village District of Columbus, just blocks from the Short North entertainment and arts district, a new residential site called Jeffrey Place Lofts is in steady progression since construction started in June.  The Jeffrey Place development marks an innovative approach to life in Columbus because of its unique attitude toward urban living.  A hallmark of this vision is its loft space, designed by Acock Associate Architects and being built by Albert M. Higley Construction.
            The project feels contemporary; with features such as skylights and exposed structural bracing that make the lofts’ communal spaces unique.  Acock says that, “Richness in materials and flexibility of use are the keys to the building’s aesthetic.”  Glass walkways through the center of the building ensure the presence of natural light and a distinctive ambiance for residents.  Each unit boasts eighteen-foot glass walls, customized design options, in-building heated parking, and large private roof-top terraces, where residents have the space and opportunity to garden—a luxury uncommon in the usual constraints of urban settings.  Heavy steel construction with glass, metal, and brick exterior bring modernity to the space and a new look to the city of Columbus.
            At the project’s conception, its developers had a specific vision that included the aforementioned modern edge and new attitude.  But the spokesman for the company, Joe Recchie, says that they also believed, “The unique advantage of a master-planned community is the ability to design the block and building with the best unobstructed views and natural light access.”  With a clear span for construction, buyers can easily customize their own spaces and merge their vision with the larger Jeffrey Place vision. Yet another bonus to a “master-planned community” is area across from the lofts with a park and public plaza, conceptualized and soon-to-be built by the design and construction team of National Community Builders , Acock Architects, and Albert M. Higley Construction.
            The lofts are a $12 million project that span over a total of 51, 850 square feet, with an average unit price of $398,900, but starting as low as $298,500.  There will be thirty residential units, as well as three boutique and retail spaces.  The current marketing of the lofts runs out of Jeffrey Place Sales Center at 350 E. First Ave.  The project also has a useful website:  Information on the architect, the construction company, and the neighborhood can be accessed at,, and, respectively.

March 03, 2006
Final Plat Approval

Jeffrey Place passed a major milestone on Monday February 27, 2006 with the passage of the final plat approval by a unanimous vote of the Columbus City Council. This legislation is the culmination of many months of work of financing, re-zoning, remediation, and site planning. The developers needed to obtain 17 city departments review and sign off on all the intricacies of the largest urban subdivision plat in over 50 years. 

The final plat approval paves the way for the Jeffrey Lofts and the rest of the Courtyard Townhomes to begin construction and for the North Block and single-family homes to get closer to beginning the reservation and contract phase. Corna Kokosing Construction will also be able to finish internal infrastructure work and begin street construction.

Watch the site, as things will be humming this spring!

January 26, 2006
Courtyard Townhome Construction Progress Open House

Please join us this Saturday, January 28th between 12-5pm as we open our doors to the public for a construction progress update tour of our nearly completed Courtyard Townhomes. Experience firsthand these exquisitely designed townhomes created by George Acock of Acock and Associates Architects and constructed by APEX M&P construction. This will be your first opportunity to get a glimpse of what is on the way this year as the Jeffrey Place community continues to grow.

PARKING: There is limited parking available on the west side of Fourth Street between Warren and East First Ave. You may also park in our sales center parking lot and take the short walk over to the Courtyard Townhomes by following the sidewalk all the way to units.

(You may also park on the site site just to the north of the townhomes but depending on the weather you may need to watch for mud.)

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September 11, 2005
Courtyard Townhomes Construction Photos

Follow along with the construction of the Courtyard Townhomes by regularly visiting our construction photo gallery. We will periodically be adding photos to this gallery through the various phases of construction of the townhomes. Keep yourself in the loop and come back often. Photos will be added on a weekly basis:

View the Courtyard Townhomes Construction photo gallery

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