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March 02, 2008
Modular Building is good for the planet and your pocketbook


The North Block's urban lofts and townhomes bring high-design to earth friendly modular building.

You love the sleek modern design, you strive to live an environmentally conscious life, you're on a budget. It would be quite the hat trick to find all of these needs satisfied in one downtown condo.

Where does an eco-conscious, aesthetically sensitive, first time homebuyer go to find an affordable downtown condo? Why, Jeffrey Place's North Block, of course.

Pre-fabricated, modular housing has been reborn. No longer does the word "pre-fab" conjure up images of trailers and small bungalows- instead, in the minds of North America's architects, designers, builders and upscale homeowners, "pre-fab" means "luxury." It's an idea that is catching fire. And with the eco-friendly and stylish North Block condos, Jeffrey Place is fanning the flame.

Read on to see more about the fascinating trend of modular!

Why build Modular?

Many modular homes boast a fresh, modern design, and people find them to be an innovative alternative to traditional homebuilding. Modular construction is also inherently green- less than two percent waste is produced with modular building. That is in stark contrast to the 30 percent waste that accumulates with the average conventional build. The North Block at Jeffrey Place is satisfying this green living need in Columbus.

Architects and designers are constructing modern manufactured housing that screams luxury. According to various architects, many are predicting that modular homes will be the most sought after design concept for second home ownership in the years to come. The modular trend satisfies the baby boomer's who are interested in second homes, or city homes but also the first time home buyer who is looking for a quality build at a price that fits in their budget. Homes like the North Block provide the perfect alternative to throwing away money on rent!

"People are drawn to the movement for many reasons: environmental, aesthetic, and logistic," said Joseph Recchie, developer of Jeffrey Place and a leader in green build. Recchie is excited to be a part of this upsurge, "Our North Block lofts and townhomes are a critical part of this green living movement in the Midwest, from both a functional and design perspective."

Designed by visionary architect George Acock, of Acock Associates Architects, the NB1 lofts and townhomes are a perfect example of the marriage between design and function.

The modern design is pleasing to the senses and the sensibility of the project's green living components make it an easy choice for forward-thinking homebuyers.

Is the phrase, "affordable, stylish house" an oxymoron? Certainly not. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

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