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March 01, 2008
What To Do In Our Neighborhood: March

March Event Spotlights:

Build Wealth with Real Estate

Happy hour event and presentation by Joseph Recchie, CEO of real estate development firm Community Building Partners. Thursday March 27, 2008 at Spice Bar in the Arena District

You don't have to be Donald Trump to build a nice little nest egg by buying real estate. Shelter is one of the three basic needs, so why line the pockets of a landlord when your shelter could be earning you extra income? Joseph Recchie, CEO of Community Building Partners will explain how owning a home is like having the income of a second job- without all the work!


Stop by Spice Bar Thursday, March 28th to get all of the details. Joseph Recchie will give an informative presentation on the ins and outs of making real estate work for you, today! Whether you're in Columbus, Chicago, Houston, or beyond, learn the tools of the trade and get a head start on home buying and wealth building.

Happy Hour specials, free food, and lots of mingling will follow the presentation. Don't miss this first installation in Jeffrey Place's Last Thursday's happy hour event series!

Last Thursday's Happy Hour: Give Yourself a Raise- March 28th, 2008
Spice Bar; 491 N. Park St; 614-297-7448; www.jeffreyplace.com

St. Patrick's Day Spotlight

Irish Family Reunion
The whole city turns green for a day. The St. Patrick's Day parade will start in the arena district and end, in true Irish style, with a party! Get your Irish gear and your Irish beer and join in this open family reunion. Don't miss the crooning bagpipes, the rocking Hooligans or the entertaining Irish dancers!Whether you're shouting “Kiss my I’m Irish”, or “I’m not Irish but you can Kiss me anyways," you're invited. Throw on some Green and add an “O” to the beginning of your name. And for the day, experience the luck of the Irish.

Irish Family Reunion
March 17, 2008
Veterans Memorial; 300 W. Broad St; 221-4341;

Our neighborhood offers a little something for everyone. Take a look at some of the best it has to offer and start planning your month now! Whether you're looking for an art show, a magic show, an auto show, or an Irish show - you can find it in Columbus!

Taking Shelter- Now until April 5, 2008
Columbus College of Art & Design; 107 N. Ninth St; 614-224-9101;
This fantastic exhibit portrays photos, sculptures, social interventions and other forms of media covering the vast topic of shelter, homes and homelessness. Participate in this artistic discussion of an important issue by acclaimed artists such as Anthony Hernandez, McCallum & Tarry, Jackie Sumell, Jonathan Calm and more.

Currents:Jason Salavon- Now until May 4th, 2008
Columbus Museum of Art; 480 E. Broad st.; 614-221-4848;
www.columbusmuseum.orgHailing from the windy city, Jason Salavon uses video and photographs to bring together art, technology and daily life. Using software he creates masses of communal material for presentation,. His work references mainstream media, annual sales reports and even census data.  Forging ahead a the forefront of a new genre, Salavon's work is the art of the 21st century. Don’t miss your opportunity for a preview of what’s next in art!

Columbus International Auto Show - March 8-16, 2008
Greater Columbus Convention Center; 400 N. High St.; www.columbusconventions.com

Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, oh my! Where can you see all the finest in international cars all under one roof? The International Auto Show, of course! Do you collect Aston Martins like ties? Or perhaps you visit the Benz dealership the way art lovers visit the Louvre? Whether you are in the market for a new chariot, or just in love with cars, the International Auto Show will not disappoint. With comedian shows, appearances by Jim Tressel, Clint Bowyer the Cat in the Hat, and Columbus Zoo residents this event will excite and please the entire family. For a full event line up, or preview of the cars on exhibit, check out the website. But for the real deal, stop on by to see your dream car, up close and personal!

David Copperfield- March 26, 2008
Palace Theatre; 34 W. Broad St; 614-431-3600;
Hailed as one of the greatest entertainers of the 21st century, David Copperfield continues to astound audiences all over the world in his latest national tour. Join Copperfield at the Palace Theatre as he captivates, astounds and entertains the young and old alike!

The Magician’s Nephew: performed by Columbus Children’s Theatre- March 13-20, 2008
Park Street Theatre; 512 N. Park St.; 614-224-6672;
Based on C.S. Lewis’ classic of the same name, this play contains all of the drama and fantasy for which the author of The Chronicle’s of Narnia is most famous. Join the Columbus Children’s Theatre as they weave the tale of the young Digory and his friend Polly as they traverse mythical kingdoms and enchanted lands.

Aladdin- performed by BalletMet March 7-16, 2008        Genie

Capitol Theatre, Riffe Center; 77 S. High St.; 614-229-4848;
Lose yourself in the magical world of genies, princesses, sultans and evil sorcerers. Root for the young Aladdin as he faces down the evils of this world and beyond. Whether you’re familiar with the book or the popular Disney movie, don’t miss the opportunity to see this old favorite in a new light. Brought to the stage by the same artistic directors that did Alice in Wonderland in 2006, Gerard Charles and Steven Anderson, have out done themselves. This world premier of Aladdin is sure to wow you and your family.

STOMP - March 25-30, 2008                       Trash_can
CAPA; Ohio Theatre; 39 E. State St; 614-469-0939;
You’ll never look at your kitchen broom in the same light. Watch as this international percussion sensation takes ordinary objects and turn them into fantastic musical instruments. Imagine an entire percussion ensemble created with only zippo lighters! This experience is sure to captivate, and leave you begging for more! Don’t miss this explosive one-of-a-kind performance!

Second City Touring Company: One Nation Under Blog- March 21, 2008
CAPA; Southern Theatre; 21 E. Main St.; 614-469-0939;
Serving as the farm team for Saturday Night Live, Second City is the birthplace of some of the most famous comics of our time. From John Belushi and Dan Akroyd, to Mike Meyers and Chris Farley, to Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert, Second City breeds funny. Don’t miss today’s cast of tomorrow’s hits, in this hilarious revue addressing current events, relationships, politics and family life. It’s in Columbus for one night only, and you’ll be able to say “I knew them when..” !

Paying Attention- Until March 29, 2008
Ohio Art League; 954 N. High St.; 614-299-8225;
Kathleen Pepicello uses the spiral as the basis for the in depth examination of genocide in Africa. Pepicello utilizes a variety of different surfaces, materials and techniques to question the world’s inability to conquer this raging illness in our society.

Adi Nes: Biblical Stories- Now until April 13, 2008
Wexner Center for the Arts; 1871 N. High St; 614-292-3535;
Adi Nes is one of Israel’s most famous photographers. His provocative staged portraits and tableaux have made him a critically acclaimed artist. This exhibition includes 11 images from his most recent body of work. Drawing on the abandonment of the characters in the Old Testament, he places these familiar figures into scenes of contemporary homelessness. His work speaks to a Jewish history of displacement as well as the universal feelings of abandonment, loss and the inherent right to have a home.

C-Note Art Show- March 7-8, 2008                         100_bill
JunctionView Studios, Grandview; www.cnoteartshow.com

Organizer Ashely Voss set one guideline for this innovative art show: every item must be priced at $100. More than 170 artists are participating, and including their work in this fun event. Painters, mixed media artists, photographers, and more are showing and selling their work, for the set price of a c-note. Come find the perfect piece of art for your home this weekend. Support the next Picasso without losing your shirt in this one-of-a-kind event.

St. Baldrick’s Cancer Research Fundraiser- March 14, 2008      Bald_2                         Lodge Bar; 165 W. Vine St.; 614-221-2824                                        
Need to trim some inches off your hair? Thinking of getting ready for spring with a new head shave? Or maybe you just want to show your support for the brave cancer patients of Columbus? No matter the reason, St. Baldrick’s  Cancer Research wants your locks of hair. The Lodge Bar is hosting this event to help raise money for cancer research. Participants can have their locks shaved for cancer patients, and receive a free gift bag for their generosity. Join in the silent auction as Ohio State items are sold off for charity. Food and drink specials will be available as well. So have some fun, and do some good at the same time!

Third Thursday- March
Short North; www.shortnorth.org
Do you count down the days until Gallery Hop every month! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the monthly Gallery Hop, the Short North businesses have agreed to extend their open hours on the third Thursday of every month, creating the "Third Thursday" series that is being kicked off this month. Take a break from your work week, or start getting ready for your weekend, with a nice dinner out, perhaps some drinks, and of course, a little shopping!

Gallery Hop- First Saturday of the Month- March 1st, 2008
Short North; www.shortnorth.org
Brave the cold, and join your fellow Columbus fans in the Short North for the March Gallery Hop. Duck into one of the fabulous pubs and bars on High St. for a quick drink to help keep you warm! Stay tuned for news of April's Gallery Hop. Starting in April, the Short North businesses will keep one running theme for each month. Keep watch for April's theme- but I'll give you a hint- it's so great, Jeffrey Place will be kicking off their parties once again!

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