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March 03, 2008
Allow Me To Introduce... George Acock


The team behind Jeffrey Place, the city's only holistically sustainable development in historic Italian Village, is committed to the power of business as a force for change. Defined by what we've learned, and how we work and play, we're looking to do more than just build more condos. We're seeking to redefine what it means to build a community.

We would like to introduce our team to you one person at a time. To know and understand what we have undertaken with the Jeffrey Place development it is vital that you meet the people who have given their hearts, minds, and time over to the project with the belief that we are truly helping to transform the city and create a new standard of living for our urban residents. Our past introductions have included sales team member, Julie Wood, and CEO Joe Recchie.

This month, architect George Acock, will be introduced. George has designed dozens of Columbus landmarks and he has designed every building on the Jeffrey Place site. While George's accolades and masterpieces are hardly limited to the Columbus area, his work has without doubt helped create the Columbus we know and love today. From public projects, such as the $105 million Ohio State University's Thompson Library renovation to commercial projects, such as the award winning Arena District designs and the newest addition to the Abercrombie headquarters, George Acock has become a Columbus icon.

Click below to read more about the innovative architect, George Acock.

George has been with Jeffrey Place from the beginning. As a participant, observer, presenter and consultant, George attended dozens of public charetts, tons of meetings with the Italian Village Commission, and meeting after meeting with buyers designing their dream homes at Jeffrey Place. He has seen the enormous changes the development has made in Italian Village and his commitment to that continuing transformation, sustainable development and beautiful architecture, make Jeffrey Place incredibly unique.

Acock and Associates Architects was founded in 1967 and over the past three decades George Acock has had a hand in building up the city of Columbus. Drawing inspiration from all over the world, George has designed Jeffrey Place akin to the most successful and popular urban centers in the world. His particular aptitude for designing these urban centers makes everyone invested in Jeffrey Place so grateful to have George Acock's talented vision as the heart of the development. Understanding urban scale and an ability to marry elegant forms with practical function are the qualities behind every one of George Acock's Jeffrey Place designs.

As an artist, George has a finely tuned sense of color, proportion and design. We are grateful that he is involved in every aspect of the home designs at Jeffrey Place, master planning everything from each window's view to the the tint and angle of the bricks in the homes. Taking into account the grade of the land, the curve of the street and the surrounding neighbors, every view at Jeffrey Place is guaranteed to be beautiful. In the high density neighborhood, your window won't look onto an obtrusive concrete wall, or a mundane stairwell. At Jeffrey Place George's designs are works of art themselves.

George begins each design process with an individual water color. He has created a beautiful water color renderings of every structure planned for Jeffrey Place. We encourage you to come to our gallery and model located in the Courtyard Townhome model on North Fourth Street and tour George Acock's work for Jeffrey Place.

Interested in what else George Acock has done? Check out his website at www.acock.com for a full photo gallery.

You deserve a home designed by a thoughtful, innovative American icon. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

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