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February 26, 2008
"LEED-ND: A New Framework For Sustainable Development"

Anyone can throw in some energy saving appliances and call their home green. But don't be fooled by the green washing that's going on in the marketplace. The federal government created a program to help you tell the real green digs from the real green duds. This LEED program provide a benchmark for green building, a federal certification for the real deals. To read more about the LEED program and how it effects our sustainable community, Jeffrey Place, read LEED from a previous edition of the Jeffrey Journal.

While the original LEED program focused on individual homes, a new LEED-ND pilot program is program created for projects just like Jeffrey Place. The LEED-Neighborhood Development program doesn't just certify one home, it certifies a neighborhood. It recognizes the efforts of the innovative neighborhoods across the world, working hard to create sustainable homes, and promote sustainable lifestyles for its residents.

Jay Corbalis explains "LEED-ND goes beyond individual buildings to look at sustainable practices on a neighborhood level.

Projects are judged on clear and specific criteria in four categories: Smart Location and Linkage; Neighborhood Pattern and Design; Green Construction and Technology; and Innovation and Design Process."

Read more about the newest LEED-ND program in Corbalis' article in the Courier News in "LEED-ND: A New Framework For Sustainable Development."  See how the homes in the innovative North Block and Jeffrey Place are leaving their mark. Or, more appropriately, how they aren't.

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