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February 02, 2008
Allow Me to Introduce... Julie Wood

The balancing of beauty, function, and sustainability drives everything we do, from developing better, more environmentally friendly condos to raising the bar for functional elegant designs. The team at Jeffrey Place works within the confines of this philosophy.

The team behind Jeffrey Place, the city's only holistically sustainable development in historic Italian Village, is committed to the power of business as a force for change. Defined by what we've learned, and how we work and play, we're looking to do more than just build more condos. We're seeking to redefine what it means to build a community.

This is our philosophy. This is what moves us.

We would like to introduce our team to you one person at a time. To know and understand what we have undertaken with the Jeffrey Place development it is vital that you meet the people who have given their hearts, minds, and time over to the project with the knowledge that we are truly helping to transform the city and create a new standard of living for our urban residents.

This month, Julie Wood, a Jeffrey Place sales team leader, will be introduced. Julie has been in the real estate business for over a decade. Julie's knowledge and endless enthusiasm inspire the rest of the team and serves her clients well. Julie has been at Jeffrey Place from the beginning. She has seen the enormous changes the development has made in Italian Village and her dedication to that continuing transformation is strong.

Julie has a bachelor's degree from the Ohio State University and has lived in Columbus most of her adult life. She remembers the concrete landscape that used to dominate the Jeffrey Place site and was there to see the 90,000 tons of concrete crushed and recycled on the site. Her commitment to the green building principles of Jeffrey Place transfer into her life and personal practices. Julie cares deeply about Columbus's urban neighborhoods and the environment- Jeffrey Place is more than a job for Julie it is an extension of her personal beliefs.

Julie is proud to be a part of the transformation of the former brownfield site which was once home to the Jeffrey Manufacturing Company and is now one of the largest mixed-use, urban redevelopment projects in Columbus history. The North Block condominiums at Jeffrey Place are the only project in Columbus chosen to participate in the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Neighborhood Rating System pilot program, an honor Julie sees as indicative of the innovation of Jeffrey Place.

As one of Jeffrey Place's first residents, Julie has enjoyed being a pioneer member of the city's largest urban renewal project. She has seen the rapid appreciation, and loves the convenience of her downtown location. "I really love living in the Short North," Julie said, "it's like being on vacation every day." Julie also appreciates the convenience of the major thoroughfares as she is able to avoid most heavy Columbus traffic when she frequently visits her family in Newark, Ohio. Julie is an active member in the downtown community and seizes every opportunity to have fun, and to help educate her neighbors and friends on the work she is a part of at Jeffrey Place.

The Jeffrey Place team is grateful to have Julie as an advocate and leader. If you would like to talk to Julie about Jeffrey Place, or learn a little more about what it's like to live in this fantastic neighborhood, feel free to contact her at julie@jeffreyplace.com.

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