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January 04, 2008
The Halo Effect: Innovation and Good Design

The only way to stand out in a cluttered Columbus condo market is with superior design and innovative features.

Jeffrey Place has mastered the art of innovation by offering Columbus homebuyers the only condos in Columbus, Ohio with solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, and planted rooftops. We've married that commitment to innovation with visionary architect George Acock's inspiring design to create a halo effect. Jeffrey Place brightens the halo with unbeatable value and savvy buyers searching for the perfect condo in Columbus can't help but look.

Every market is cluttered with product these days. From endless aisles of laundry detergent, to more than a dozen car manufacturers, to the Columbus condo market, consumers are awash in a sea of choice. The only way for products to truly differentiate themselves is with thoughtful, consumer- minded design and innovative features. Combining these two essential components in one product creates a halo-effect that makes them stand out and draws consumers in.

Read on to see how Jeffrey Place incorporates design and innovation. Click below to read more about the halo effect.

Jeffrey Place's North Block lofts and townhomes are the only option for Columbus homebuyers interested in sustainable living. By offering the largest solar panel array and geothermal heating and cooling system in the Midwest, Jeffrey Place is a pioneer in the green building industry. It is this level of innovation that has allowed Jeffrey Place to stand out and remain a sound investment for homebuyers in Columbus's oversaturated condo market.

Far from an after thought, Jeffrey Place's commitment to designing beautiful buildings that uphold and add to one of the city's most historic neighborhoods is unyielding. From the sumptuous, eco-friendly bamboo floors of the North Block to the glass and steel marvel that is the Loft, attention to detail is evident throughout every inch of the development.

Innovation. Design. Value. Now you see it- the halo effect.

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