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December 31, 2007
Core Development

Chicago and Columbus: more alike then you thought!?

"In recent years, a push has been made to redevelop the urban centers of cities that have been abandoned to suburban sprawl. At the forefront of this movement is the development of residential housing for these newcomers. Midwestern cities are taking a fresh look at their urban core, and figuring out ways to make these areas appeal to residents seeking a new urban experience. While the reasons for redeveloping and the demographics targeted may vary, the common goal is to bring vibrancy and life back to the heart of the city."

Both urban centers, Columbus and Chicago, along with several other Midwestern cities are working hard to redefine their cities as vibrant communities. Columbus, well on it's way to being the Midwestern hot spot, boasts several cool digs. But savvy Columbus residents know: when it comes to quality, design, and lifestyle- nothing beats Jeffrey Place! With the urban location, abundant green spaces, community centered lifestyle and fantastic design, Jeffrey Place is the epitome of sustainable urban living. And the innovative project is attracting the best and brightest of Columbus' professionals. Doing our part to help retain those bright and promising individuals, Jeffrey Place is featured in this recent cover story of Heartland Real Estate, a regional business publication.

Click here to read more about the Midwest movement towards urban revitalization, Columbus' part in that promising movement, and Jeffrey Place's prominent position at the forefront.

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