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October 31, 2007
America's Most Stable Housing Markets

Matt Woolsey, 10.01.07, 4:00 PM ET Housing Trends Forbes.com

Good News for Columbus! Although nationally, housing markets are failing, according to Forbes.com Columbus is one of the top 10 most stable markets in America. Your cousin in LA might be suffering, but the Buckeye city is actually thriving!

According to Forbes.com "Columbus is projected to have median home sale prices increase next year, thanks to a combination of factors including lower-than-average inventory levels, little price volatility and high job growth."

So now is the perfect time to buy a home in Columbus, Ohio.

Woolsey explains that  "when lending problems like this occur, the markets hit hardest are those with a high proportion of non-conforming loans. The most troublesome types are subprime mortgages and jumbo mortgages--those that are above the range of Fannie Mae  and Freddie Mac's $417,000 securitization limit." If the volatile market our sister cities are suffering from has taught us anything, it's be prepared and choose your home wisely.

With the right investment, like one at Jeffrey Place, you could protect yourself from any type of market. And with Columbus' market currently stable, and slated for growth, this is the time to make that solid investment. Then, someday in the future, if Columbus isn't so lucky- you can rest assured that you will be!

Click here for the full story, and to see how Forbes.com (with the help of economy.com) compiled their list of top 10 most stable markets.

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October 30, 2007
Jeffrey Place Cheers on OSU

So, there's a Penn State fan, an OSU fan and a Michigan fan standing on a mountain...


Okay, maybe you know that one- but there was no shortage of Penn State jokes, and OSU fans at the Jeffrey Place OSU tailgate at Park Street Patio last weekend. Halloweeners and Buckeyes (and buckeye's dressed up for halloween) gathered together at the hip Park Street bar to watch the Buckeyes take on the Nittany Lions (and crush the lions at that) on the several jumbo tv's throughout the bar. Enjoying free pizza and free drafts, the crowd cheered on #1 ranked Ohio State.


Don't miss the next tailgate, sign up for the Jeffrey Journal to make sure you get your VIP ticket to our next party! Already signed up- stay tuned to your email, or stop by to find out about the next event!

There's always something to do in the Jeffrey Place neighborhood!


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October 26, 2007
Join us at an OSU tailgate!

Saturday Ocbober 27th at 8:00pm Ohio State will take on Penn State in State College.

But here in Columbus, Buckeye fans are gathering together to prepare for the game at Park Street Patio. The arena district bar, located at the end of Park Street before Goodale Park, boasts 15 jumbo tv's so you can see every play, every Penn State fumble, and every OSU touchdown!

Stretching of arms before game is encouraged so you spell out O-H-I-O injury free!

Join us for free pizza and have your first draft on us! Call us at 614-297-7448 or email us at sales@jeffreyplace.com to get your VIP tickets today!

OSU TailgateBrutus

Park St. Patio (Park St in the Arena District)

Saturday October 27th 6:00-8:00 (kickoff is at 8:00)

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October 21, 2007
22 Little Ways to Go Green
October 20, 2007
What Does it Mean to Be Green?

Inside the Environmentally Friendly Building Boom

Chris DeVille and Brittany Kress describe some components of building green in the Columbus Alive's "Green Issue." Featured as a spotlight in this issue is Jeffrey Place, which is quickly becoming a prominent example of sustainable design and an environmentally friendly community in Columbus. 

Click here to read the full article about the environmentally friendly building boom in Columbus Alive.

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October 13, 2007
Jeffrey Place Supports Local Kids

The first weekend of October was a busy weekend here in Italian Village. The Columbus Italian Festival, despite the unseasonable heat, displayed a fantastic festival for the Columbus community. Live music serenaded the visitors, fantastic food fed hungry hordes and beautiful wares were on display. Echo's of "Salute" could be heard all over the neighborhood!

While hundreds of people were coming into Italian Village each day for the festival, there was a definite need for parking! But the brilliant kids at St. Joseph Montessori School anticipated that need, and thought up the perfect solution! On request, Jeffrey Place donated their 41 acre site to the students to use as a fundraiser. For a mere $5 visitors could park conveniently across from the festival for as long as they wanted.  The students worked hard during this hot weekend, and earned every penny they received.


Jeffrey Place site with cars parked throughout all of the public streets!


Future NB1 site with Courtyard Townhomes to the West!

We at Jeffrey Place want to congratulate the St. Joe's Erdkinder class on a job well done. And we would also like to thank everyone that supported both the St. Joseph's students as well as the Italian Festival. Both are important staples of our community, and we here at Jeffrey Place are honored to have been a part!

For more pictures see our own Ryan Johnson's blog at columbus43215.com!

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October 12, 2007
Central Ohio Officials Show Support for New Green Pact

By JENNIFER WRAY Published: Tuesday, October 9, 2007 1:49 PM EDT

"because of its efforts, Jeffrey Place is due to be the greenest residential development in the state, said Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman.

With that in mind, it was only fitting that one of the Jeffrey Place buildings [the Jeffrey Place Sales Center] served as a backdrop Thursday, Oct. 4, to the inking of a "Central Ohio Green Pact" among Columbus and some of the suburbs that surround it."

Wray's article ran this week in the local papers following the Green Pact signing at Jeffrey Place.  In case you missed it, click on the link below to read the full story!

Click here to read more about this exciting commitment made by our local leaders!

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October 04, 2007
Greater Columbus Green Pact

This week, our local leaders are making a commitment to color their policy green. The mayors and city managers of Greater Columbus, Ohio will meet this Thursday October 4th, 2007 to sign the Greater Columbus Green Pact. The Green Pact is a commitment designed by Mayor Coleman and his Green Team outlining ten areas that demand immediate attention in Columbus public policy.

To read more about the Greater Columbus Green Pact and Jeffrey Place's role in this momentous occasion, click the link below!

These issues are, in order,

1. The growth of greener fleets.

2. The promotion of a strong, green economy.

3. The collaboration to purchase green products.

4. The adoption of sustainable land use policies.

5. Building green facilities and reducing energy consumption.

6. The reduction of waste.

7. The education and engagement of our local communities.

8. The reduction of emissions and climate protection.

9. The preservation of green space and creation of greenways.

10.The encouragement of mass transportation.

Community Building Partners CEO, Joseph Recchie, will introduce the Jeffrey Place project to the city's leaders. Following Recchie, David Robinson, Ph.D. of The Climate Project, will give a presentation titled: People and the Planet: Climate Change Today and Tomorrow. Robinson will address the current issues in climate change and how public policy can affect change for the better. After Robinson's insightful talk, the leaders will sign the Green Pact, making a public commitment to the encouragement and creation of green policies!

With sustainable design, green technology, environmental education, walkable neighborhoods, the promotion of mass transit and abundant green spaces, we at Jeffrey Place are pleased to announce that we satisfy many of the values and principles Mayor Coleman is promoting in his Green Pact. Because our mission is so in line with the Mayor's, Mayor Coleman has chosen the Jeffrey Place site to host this momentous occassion. We are honored to welcome our local leaders to our site for this event, and we look forward to the day when every builder, developer and policy maker embraces the progressive commitments made in the Central Ohio Green Pact!

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October 03, 2007
The Perfect Time for Renters to Buy.

A Rough Housing Market for Sellers Makes it a Perfect Time for Renters to Buy.

Sale prices are down, the feds lowered interest rates, and sellers are offering incentives worth thousands. There's never been a better time to make the leap from renter to owner.

If you're tired of stark white walls, unresponsive landlords, and chinsey apartment finishes then it's time to stop renting. In fact, it's the perfect time to put all the strife of being a renter behind you. The suburban housing market has slowed a bit in the last year and sellers in the suburbs are having a rough time. Everyone wants to be a part of Columbus' downtown housing boom and this shift to the urban neighborhoods is good for city dwellers, bad for suburban sellers.

Many suburban homeowners want to move to a chic urban neighborhood, but must first face the daunting task of selling their home. The more nimble renters now have a major advantage.

To read more about the renter's advantage and hear about our friend Jim's recent money-saving experience click the link below!

Many suburban homeowners want to move to chic urban neighborhood, but must first face the daunting task of selling their home. The more nimble renters now have a major advantage. The housing market is beginning to correct itself- interest rates will continue to fall and prices will climb- if you want to take advantage of this perfect moment to buy, you must be able to act with a moment's notice. Renters can react to lower prices and generous incentives from developers within days, current homeowners often have to wait to sell their homes before making a move and by then it could be too late.

The old adage that renters are throwing their money away is true. Stop paying for something that isn't yours and start earning money with your home.

Take the story of Jim Renter for example:

Jim Renter is a 26- year old professional. He stays fit, loves to cook, and is known among his friends for throwing the best football Saturday parties in the city. (Take a deep breath ladies and gentlemen, Jim's attached.)

He pays $1,000 a month for his Short North bachelor pad. It's older and he loves the charm of the built-in bookcases, but it doesn't have a dishwasher and he has to park his car on a busy street. He's thought about buying, but the timing never seemed right. Recently, Jim read an article about the North Block lofts and townhomes at Jeffrey Place. Green technology has always interested Jim and he digs the idea of having solar panels on his home, but he still isn't sure he can afford to buy at Jeffrey Place.

Not only can Jim afford to buy at Jeffrey Place, but at this point, he can't afford not to!                      OK, OK, so that was a bit predictable- but no less true.

Here's how it will go:

Jim buys a North Block loft at Jeffrey Place. It has solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling and gorgeous bamboo hardwood floors. He takes advantage of Huntington Bank's Green Loan and get's 100% financing with no private mortgage insurance and a great interest rate. Jim's mortgage costs him $1037 each month. But here's the kicker: because Jim is a homeowner now- the IRS is very kind to folks who own property- and this tax benefit increases his monthly take-home pay by more than $200. Not to mention the other perks, such as working out in a 5-story, 16,000 square foot fitness center, walking to his favorite restaurants in the Short North, and he still throws legendary Buckeye parties on Saturdays.

Jim Renter handed over $12,000 a year to some guy who told him he couldn't paint his walls scarlet and gray. Jim Owner has complete control over his walls, floors, windows, etc. And now his home earns him thousands of dollars a year.

Wait... why was Jim a renter for so long? Yeah, he wonders that too.

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October 02, 2007
The Liquid Lofts at Jeffrey Place

Anything is possible with a loft at Jeffrey Place.

It's all about getting more. The hyper-adaptable loft spaces at Jeffrey Place allow you to create a one-of-a-kind home of cavernous proportions. Merge two loft units horizontally to create a 2,500 square foot stunner- for less than $240.00 a square foot- way below the average in the highly sought after Italian Village neighborhood. Or, merge two units vertically for the same incredible price to create a four-story glass and steel marvel with a private elevator unlike anything else in Columbus.

Nothing else in Columbus lends itself to your individual needs and style like the Lofts at Jeffrey Place. Raw industrial interiors act as a perfect canvas for innovative design options. The flexibility of the lofts' structural design makes it possible to move, remove, and add walls as needed. In a world full of limits isn't it good to know your home can be as fluid as your imagination.

Every loft unit at Jeffrey Place has no less than 325 square feet of glass. The polished concrete floors and 19-foot exposed metal ceilings create a volume of space unmatched in Columbus. Own your taste, own your view, own the largest loft in the city.

Don't let the walls close in on you. Come to Jeffrey Place and be moved.

Call a Jeffrey Place community builder today at (614)-297-7448 to find out more about attractive buyer incentives and how you can make the space you want at the Lofts at Jeffrey Place.

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